Aceituna sin hueso – Ticket to fusion music in Cuba

Sep 1, 2019


The fusion group Aceituna sin hueso has its origin in the city of Santa Clara. It first presentation was on February 19th, 2000, due to a call of the Hermanos Saiz Association (AHS). Thus, in the Valga la Esperanza concert we could enjoyed for the first time its admirable music.

Aceituna sin hueso proposes a mix of international ethnic rhythms, without losing his Cuban roots. Although flamenco is one of the dominant genres in their music, they also draw from jazz, Hindu, Celtic and Arabic music, rock and funk, among others. The appealing sound of the band it is enriched with an unusual and heterogeneous ensemble of percussion, violin, flamenco guitar, the tres guitar, battery and electric guitar.

This is complemented with the vocalist Miriela Moreno, who adds the perfect sound to the group.

Miriela Moreno: vocalist, composer and director of a dream

Miriela Moreno Gonzalez was born in the town of Remedios, Villa Clara. From an early age she was attracted to theater groups and Spanish music. She joined the flamenco fusion group Matrimonio del aire, directed by Reidel Bernal.

The Flamenco influence on her music comes from her Spanish grandparents and the atypical mix of races of our country. Aceituna sin hueso emerged as a musical project that was trying to tell things differently, and became very soon a band of great popularity in Cuba.

A long journey

Aceituna sin hueso debut album came to life in 2002, with the Unicorn label, Abdala Productions. The single, under the same name, quickly became a success thanks to the video clip, filmed by the renowned Cuban director Santana. This first production earned to the band several nominations and awards in the Cubadisco 2003.

Their second album, Consumir preferiblemente antes de (2005), under the same record label, featuring David Álvarez as producer and the tres player Pancho Amat as invited musician. Earlier this same year, the band is invited to participate in the disk Cuba le canta a Serrat, nominated to the Grammy Music Awards. Aceituna sin hueso has shared stage with important Cuban musicians such as Liuba María Hevia, Pablo Milanés, Roberto Carcasses, Kelvis Ochoa, Raul Torres, Gerardo Alfonso and David Blanco.

Internationally, they have played with Fabio Paez, Juan Jose Amador, Carlinhos Antunes, Gilvan Santos, the heterogeneous project Alba Tropic Jazz Orchestra directed by Marco Omicini and Son de Sol, to name a few. The band is recording their third album, with 10 tracks. This time, the goal is to make unique music mixed with an audiovisual proposal to the public. Among the best known songs of Aceituna sin hueso stands El cantaor y el molino, Noche, Ciudad en tus ojos, Como un tango gris, La lista de compra, Cuando vengas and The band has earned the Award of Popular Concert Music and the grand prize of the Cuban Festival Los Dias de la música.

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