Alejandro David Falcon Rodríguez was born in Matanzas, the birthplace of danzón, on May 18th, 1981. His mother had studied the elementary level of painting and his father liked to play the guitar and sing the boleros of María Teresa Vera and José Antonio Méndez. Since that time, the boy accompanied them in frequent family gatherings.

His musical studies began with the guitar. However, very soon he decided to change this instrument for the piano. So Alejandro Falcon, with only 13 years old and under the baton of María Julia Arango, attends the elementary level at Matanzas. With 17 years old, he starts his studies at the National School of Arts (ENA), where he completed his training in 2002.

The beginnings…

Alejandro Falcon

Alejandro Falcon

During his stay at the ENA, Falcon began to flirted with his masterful improvisations, but his interests were other: to do Cuban jazz.

According to the musician from Matanzas, personalities like Manuel Saumell, Ignacio Cervantes, Lecuona, Bola de Nieve or Antonio María Romeu set the standards in the history of Cuban music. But he feels strongly influenced by other masters such as Emiliano Salvador, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Chucho Valdes and Ernan López-Nusa, whom he considers paradigms in Cuba.

Just graduated from the school, he joined several groups such as the ones directed by Paulo FG and Maraca, developing a wide range of interpretive versatility. Festivals and tours take up all his time, and countries like Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Belgium, Mexico, Colombia, France and Canada welcomes him.

In these presentations, alone or with the bands, he shares scenarios with El Gran Combo of Puerto Rico, India, Gal Costa, Marcus Miller, the Buena Vista Social Club, Pablo Milanés … everyone praises him and is amazed by his virtuosity.

And it is then that he takes one of the most important decisions of his life: to create his own group.

Alejandro Falcón supports Cuban music

Since 2008, Alejandro Falcon cultivates avant-garde music and leads the Cuban quartet Cubadentro consisting of piano, drums and tumbadoras. And it is incredible to see him merge, with unmistakable style and without prejudices, the danzón, the son, the cha cha chá, the bolero, the guaracha and the rumba with Latin American sounds and jazz.

During his career, he has participated in more than 40 phonograms as a pianist, arranger or musical producer. His catalog includes more than 60 themes.

Albums and prizes

Jojazz Awards in Interpretation (2002) and Composition (2005).

Cubadisco Award 2013 in Opera Prima for his first album Claroscuro.

Cubadisco 2015 Prize in Instrumental Music for the Cuba Now Danzón CD-DVD.

First Musicalia Award in Contemporary Composition (2005-2006).

CD My spiritual mountain: It contains his compositions for piano.

The Falcon´s muses are restless

According to Alejandro Falcon, his muses are very uneasy and, the main thing for him is to work, be creative and defend his style without being schematised. Their only prejudices go in the direction of the badly done, the vulgar music and the negative messages that these can send to future generations.

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Havana, Cuba