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  • Music course (Individual)

    Our Music lessons are very flexible and will adapt to your needs.

    Choose the number of hours and the date you want to take your first lesson.

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  • Salsa lessons (Individual)

    All the salsa lessons last for 1.5 hours.

    Choose the number of lessons you want to take and which day you want to start.

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  • Salsa lessons (Groups)

    Salsa lessons last for 1.5 hours: Minimum 2 people.

    Choose the number of lessons you want to take and which will be your first day.

    Prices shown are per person.

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  • Percussion Workshops

    Enjoy our Percussion Workshops.
    We also organize these Workshops in different venues in Havana for bigger groups.
    For more information get in touch through the contact form.

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  • Music Ensembles

    Our music Ensembles last for 2 hours.

    Select the number of people and the date you want to organise this Ensemble.

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  • Sale!

    OnLine course

    Learn Cuban music from home with the best Cuban music teachers in Havana. Choose your favourite instrument and the number of hours you wish to take.

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