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Why cycling in Havana?

Bicycles are always shown as the best alternative energy efficiency and environmentally friendly for the development of more sustainable citiesIf we want a cleaner air in our city we have to support the use of the bicycle in Havana specially for Havana residents. 

When compared to cars, buses or even trains, the amount of energy required to produce a bicycle is tiny. Also, for each person that changes a car to a bicycle as a form of transport, any city will experience reduced carbon emissions and will improved the quality of the air. This rule applies even more in Havana where the carbon emission is higher due to the use of old engines in most of the cars.

More bicycles on each neighbourhood in Havana means fewer motorbikes and fewer cars, which will not only lead to a cleaner atmosphere but also to safer streets.

For people visiting Havana, biking is probably the best way to explore the most beautiful places. It is not only healthy but also an inexpensive way to know this amazing city (way much better than tour buses or taxis). So in case you decide to cycling in Havana, here are a couple of tips:

1) Weather in Havana is warm most of the days and always with a high percentage of humidity, so drinking water is very important to avoid dehydration.

2) We always recommend to take guided bicycle tours in order to arrive to the best places in Havana with an expert.

If you want more information regarding bicycles in Havana please get in touch with us!

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Cycling Havana

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