Behind the famous song “Bailando” heard -and enjoyed- by people all around the world, there is a great and versatile artist who never gets tired of moving into new genres and try new melodies.

Descemer Bueno, in just over four decades, has already written songs for performers such as Enrique Iglesias, Thalia and Juan Luis Guerra. Also he has collaborated on the soundtrack of more than seven movies. His brilliant career has been recognized with several awards, but above all, by the national and international public.

Descemer Bueno and the beginning of his musical career

Descemer Bueno

Descemer Bueno

This Cuban musician was born and raised in Old Havana, Cuba, in 1971. Nourished by the musicality of this city, the cradle of great Cuban musicians, Descember graduated in conservatories such as Manuel Saumell and Amadeo Roldán in Havana as a classical guitarist. Almost immediately he began his musical career playing bass for the band of Santiago Feliu, one of the most brilliant representatives of the Cuban musical movement of the “Nueva Trova.

In 1990, Descemer Bueno, along with Elmer Ferrer and Roberto Carcasés, created “Estado de Ánimo” (State of Mind), a jazz group that reached such prestige that was invited to several international venues such as Spain, Bolivia, Uruguay, Germany and Argentina. Later, he will play in the United States with “Columna B” (B Column) group, allowing you to record the album “Columna B” with Mas&Mas Rec.

This renowned Cuban musician was invited to lecture at Stanford University in California and several academic institutions in South Africa. In 1999, Descemer Bueno moves to New York and forms the hip-hop group “Yerba Buena”, writing or co-writing most of the topics that appear on his first album “President Alien”.

In the XXI century he returns to Cuba and joins the youngest music being done on the island. There he devoted himself to producing, arranging and composing for some of the newer Cuban voices as Haydee Milanés, William Vivanco and Yusa.

Descemer Bueno and worldwide fame

Among the awards received by Descemer Bueno there are three Grammy Latino awards in 2015, for his worldwide hit “Bailando” (Dancing); the Spanish Goya Award, for being co-author of the soundtrack of the film Havana Blues, in 2006; ASCAP award for “Lloro por ti” (I cry for you) sang by Enrique Iglesias in 2009 and 2010 Latin Grammy Award for Best Song of the Year and ASCAP with “Cuando me enamoro” (When I fall in love).

However, fame has not diminished the taste of this great Cuban artist to experiment with new musical ideas. His recent projects include the completion of two albums, one of which includes several artists as guests of Mexico and Spain, like Rosario, Belinda and Estopa. In the addition to these singers, Descemer extend the geographical boundaries of his art, taking Cuban music to other places, once again.

Descember Bueno is a clear example of how the Havana school of modern music and centuries, nourishes and stimulates the talent of children born in Cuba and grows world-class talent. In the streets not only music hides in every corner and the rhythm of life of Havana itself, but also has music academies with top-notch faculty.

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