Havana Music School – Modern and centenary

Feb 2, 2017


Each morning, San Cristobal of Havana wakes up between the aroma of coffee and cocks crowing to continue their centuries-old history. Soon he will be 500 years of founded, but among its ancient streets alive than ever beats the rhythm that becomes a music school.

nd the Cubans are musical in nature. Rising, the first thing you do is tune in to Radio Reloj station-a news-giving time minute by minute, using a metronome in the background. In many houses the ringing of maracas, bells or ceremonial pods then listen while Santeria practitioners ask their gods prosperity and protection for himself and for those around you.

Almost everyone wears headphones in Havana. And not because they are on the phone, but because everyone lives the routine of his life with his own pulse. Classical music, reggaeton, jazz, salsa, rock, timba, pop, trova (new and old), rumba, rap and seasoned musical genre imaginable as the everyday life of this city. The capital of all Cubans is the meeting point of the best exponents of the whole country as far as music is concerned.

Havana itself is a gigantic Music School. Any celebration is why they go to ring hides in a barrel, any gathering of friends is not complete without a guitar chords, all nights are opportunities to go dancing with orchestras of exceptional quality and each output you can start with a concert classical music.

The mix of Spanish, African and Asian cultures has created a fusion of rhythms and styles of long tradition and a quality recognized worldwide. Cuban music is danced, sung and heard around the world, but in Havana is where you learn best. Everyone here knows music: from the most eminent professor to the barefoot boy playing in puddles of Old Havana can be repeated without fail tasty and enigmatic Cuban clave.

Havana Music School: joining idiosyncrasies, learning and culture

We invite you to integrate our musicality in an immersive experience like no other.

First, Havana Music School offers courses so you can learn with renowned teachers from diverse genres and instruments, as long as the depth you want.

Second, we offer all variants of a cultural circuit that covers not only the most important musical events of the capital, but theater, dance, visual arts and history.

And, last but not least, we give you the chance to discover and be inspired by the hospitality and the idiosyncrasies of the real Havana, through our network of private accommodation.

With close links between the National School of Art, the travel agency Destination World and the network of local Cuban Institute of Music; Havana Music School offers you training, culture and fun in the same experience.



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