Once again, artists of the whole world will gather in Havana to fill of music and joy the Cubans’ capital city.

And it is that already has become a beautiful tradition to celebrate side by side, at the third month of the year, the Havana World Music, a festivity that will be held from next Thursday 22th to Saturday 24th its fifth edition.

As usual, it is organized by Eme Alfonso that, under the slogan “With music everything gets fixed”, has managed to join a group of artists that will celebrate diversity and easy going through music.

A meeting of stars

Havana World Music

Havana World Music

The Festivity will gather as much as consecrated artists as stars on the rise, with the only condition of the musical quality of their proposals. That way, we will enjoy the performances of (among others) Marinah, former Ojos de Brujo, the duo Gato Preto, the band Cuban Interactivo and the very popular Orishas, determined to return to the scene Cuban after years of absence.

Furthermore, 20 bands of 15 countries will meet the Cuban public under the auspice of Havana World Music, in order to give an ample top-quality panorama of the alternative and front-line music.

Unlike other years, the Havana World Music will not end this edition with salsa, but with the members of Orishas as persons in charge of closing in a spectacular way. In addition to their classical themes, this band will present six new themes of its record “Gourmet”, that he will see the light in May of this year.

Deluxe proposals of Havana World Music

Thanks to the support of the British Council, this year it is convoked for the first time the project First Base, dedicated to promote the talent in the national scene through a group of interchanges with British professionals of the music industry. The end purpose is that all-comers can record a studio session with the support of EGREM.

Another good new that Havana World Music brings us is that this year we will have more open air concerts. Those will be held in two stages prepared for the occasion in the Metropolitan Park. And during the whole week of the event there will be other activities at the Meliá Habana Libre hotel and the Factory of Cuban Art (FAC).

More and better music

The stages of HWM will have also the performances of the British DJs The Chicken Brothers, Lolo Lovina of Australia, the emblematic group Síntesis and the privileged voice of Haydée Milanés. We will also enjoy the presentations of David Blanco (Cuba), Henry Cole (Puerto Rico), Swing Original Monks (Ecuador), La banda morisca (Spain), Ojundegara (Cuba) and Ecos (Cuba), among others.

This event is supported by the Cuban Ministry of Culture, the Cuban Institute of Music and the Government of Havana City, in addition to multiple other institutions that supports and finance the event.

From Havana Music School, we invite you to go to the presentations of so many and so good musicians, in what it will be definitively a party of rhythms.

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