Music courses in Havana

Individual lesson

Do you want to take a music lesson on your favourite instrument? Enjoy your stay in Havana and discover the magic of Cuban music taking a two-hour music lesson with one of our teachers. We have all the instruments available!

AfroCuban Perc.

Try our AfroCuban percussion workshops. Our teachers will show you how to play all the instruments related to it: Congas (Tumbadoras in Cuba), Bongos, Timbale and minor Percussion (maracas, güiros, claves, etc …).  You can choose from a single 2h workshop up to a 10h course.

Weekly course

Are you planning to stay one week (or more) in Havana? Then we can offer you a 10h course (2h lesson during 5 days). All the lessons are individual and you can start any day of the week. Another important part of the course is attending live music concerts in Havana! We will also provide all the information about these concerts.


Ready to play with Cuban musicians? Then you should book one of our music Ensembles that will allow you to play your favourite songs with Cuban musicians. It is one of the best memories you can take from your trip, so we always recommend recording it!

Monthly course

This course consists of 30 hours distributed throughout the month. In your first lesson you will establish, together with your teacher, the objectives to be achieved during the course. Remember that music lessons are only part of the course, attending live music concerts will complete your learning.



Visiting Havana with friends or relatives? Then we suggest our Music Ensembles or Percussion Workshops where you will be able to learn and play with Cuban musicians. Our music and salsa lessons for groups will be an amazing experience for you!