How to study music in Cuba?

Jan 25, 2020


Study music in Cuba is not the same as studying music elsewhere in the world.

This island has many recognized institutions that are responsible for teaching arts, but that is common to many other countries in other continents that have prestigious schools. However, we can reaffirm that to study music in Cuba is a unique experience.

Cuban arts academies are not only those recognized institutions. Every neighborhood, every street, every house in Cuba can be the most excellent arts center.

Maybe all those that haven’t visited the island yet can not imagine the festive air we breathe, the surround sounds of their cities and the innate musicality of its people.

Havana is not only the capital of Cuba but also in regards to art. It is a colorful carnival, fun, unique, enveloping from the very first moment you put one foot in the streets. The most classic coexists with the popular, so it is possible to attend a concert by the National Symphony playing Bach and in the same day dance in the Casa de la Música our best timba with Los Van Van.

There is music in the houses, in the “guaguas” (buses) in the streets, in the parks: Havana is a city that wakes up every moment offering you to enjoy your pace. Cubans are born artists, who enjoy life intensely, no matter the type of rhythm: jazz, salsa, timba, rumba, trova, rock, funk or all at once in a kind of rich and unique fusion.

Havana Music School: studying music from inside Cuba

To come to Havana and to interact with the Cuban capital’s life is the first kind of music that will make us synchronise with the frequency of Cuban rhythms in order to start learning the country’s popular art. To complete this experience knowledge of study music in Cuba, Havana Music School offers you the perfect choice to push you into our vast cultural heritage through the hand of renowned Cuban musicians. If you dream about learning about Cuban music, what a better place other than Cuba? Our school offers you, from the Cuban capital, a variety of courses to instruct you in our rhythms.

To help you to study music in Cuba, our classes provide you with the possibility of entering different instruments ranging from classical piano, to the Cuban percussion. Always adapting to your availability of time and level of expertise. To study in our center you don’t need to be a professional musician, because our school has also space for amateur artists who decide to take the road to the knowledge of the rhythms of the island.

Programs at Havana Music School suit your needs in order to make the most of your visit to Cuba. Also we will find you appropriate accommodation, only in houses and apartments we already know. Besides promising you an exchange with other cultural events that take place in Havana, and your presentation on a national stage, after the course.


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