Promocion Musical

Promocion Musical

Havana Music School is pleased to announce the launch of the largest Latin American website oriented to self-managed musician in Spanish.

Indeed, last 1st of September was announced in a press release the official launch of the website, a website that comes to replace the existing empty space as resources for musicians, bands and entrepreneurs in the music industry.

Essential services for the musician, all in one place

This portal, which came to light for the first time on 13 November last year and already has thousands of subscribers, was created by the young Valencian Jose Luis Lopez and Nando Miranda.

Being both professional musicians, Nando combine talent as a computer engineer and José Luis a degree in Business Administration and Management to create a virtual space to meet everything a musicians could need: marketing, promotion, management, scholarships, grants, contests, industry reports and health to musicians not associated with large multinationals.

A necessary companion for self-managed musician defined himself as:

“The ideal travel companion musician, artist, band or music entrepreneur throughout his career to guide and assist you with the intricacies of the music industry and connect to different industry players, both professionals and musicians brands and through its web platform”.

The truth is that is a magnificent example of an enterprise that fulfills offer valuable information: firsthand and updated by professionals from different fields related to the world of music. also has useful guides to lead to self-managed musician in the ways of the music industry, issues of Marketing, Apps, social networks, legal, administration, finance, market trends, industry reports and research topics.

A career is much more than music

At first, the issues addressed by this website seem a bit remote from the life of a musician. But this site has the merit that, without complicating things with a clear and simple language, explains how in today’s music industry talent to pursue music as a profession is not enough.

Today an artist receives its income not only from recordings of his music, but also from advertising, merchandise and touring. For this you need a publicist to handle your image, a label to market its discography, a company of goods, an agent to arrange tours and a manager to oversee this whole system. And understand how all these pieces work.

It is in these areas where comes to lend a hand, which is much appreciated. Therefore, we congratulate this idea and we wish the team of Jose Luis and Nando every success in the world and to continue doing an excellent job as usual.


Contact Information:

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