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Music and salsa experiences in Havana

Havana Music School: the best music and salsa experiencies in Havana!



Workshops for Groups

Maximum Fun (4-25) (Salsa & Percussion & Rumba). Learn about the history of Cuban music, its rhythms, and choose what you want to practice: percussion, rumba, or salsa while enjoying a refreshing Mojito.


Small Groups

The Most Personal Class (2 or 3). We have the perfect class for you, let’s get straight to practicing rumba, salsa, or percussion.


VIP Workshops

Want to have the most immersive experience? You can play any instrument and be part of a Cuban music band. Let us know your wishes and we will make it happen!


Bongos with Family (max 6pax)

Playing bongos with family is a truly enjoyable experience. Strengthen bonds, coordination, and concentration while enjoying the thrill of making music together with professionals.


Ensemble Workshops (1-5pax)

It’s one of the best experiences you can have. Get ready to be part of an authentic Cuban band. Choose your instrument, your songs, and we will teach you the rhythms and how to play them!

Havana Kids

Discover the joy that characterizes Cuban culture with your family. Our musicians will showcase traditional instruments, their rhythms, and emphasize a fun and didactic teaching approach where they can acquire knowledge through play, creating new musical interests.

Individual lessons

Choose your instrument and learn from the best musicians in Havana (piano, trumpet, guitar, singing, drum, double bass, percussion). For other instruments, please contact us.


Havana week

Do you want an intensive course in one or several instruments? Acquire a week of classes, two hours a day at a reduced price.


Take your experience to IG

Make a professional video and a pack of photos while taking any of our workshops to make your experience complete.