Urban gardening


Why support Urban gardening?

From Havana Music we believe that modern societies have to develop urban gardening projects in every city.

Even more in Havana where we have the sun and humidity necessary to grow not only many different plants and flowers but also several tropical fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t matter if you have limited space at your place, what matters is that each of us should care about improving the quality of the air of our own cities and neighbourhoods.

Nowadays there are different techniques to grow our own food and plants, for example:

Vertical gardening: is a technique that allows to grow plants on a vertical suspended panel. It has been used since ancient civilizations. Of course the technique has evolved and today it uses hydroponics.

Rooftop gardening: for this technique is important to use as little weight as possible. Some of the benefits are: hydrological benefits, temperature control and the possibility to grow food. Ideally for butterfly weeds and coneflowers.

Hydroponic gardening: hydroponic is a type of gardening that avoids soil and instead uses a solution of water plus nutrients. This technique allows plants and vegetables to grow much faster in less space.

Container gardening: a wide variety of vegetable crops can grow in containers. Ideally for chives, basil, thyme and other types of herbs.

There are countless benefits for Urban gardening that vary from health reasons to the possibility to grow your own food. Let’s make our children aware where the food comes from, let’s educate them to create cities with more green spaces.

If you have any idea or want to support Urban gardening in Havana, please get in touch.

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Urban gardening

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