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Havana Music is a musical project based in Havana that promotes the Cuban music and culture.

Our music courses and workshops are aimed at students of all levels as well as teachers and musicians who wish to learn or deepen their knowledge of Cuban music. From our music center, we guarantee a well-rounded and fascinating experience.

The mixture of cultures has created a fusion of rhythms and styles in Cuba with a long tradition and quality that has been recognised worldwide. Havana is the capital of Cuban music and the ideal place to learn it.

Havana Music offers you a complete experience!


Online Courses

Download our music courses!

Check out our on-line courses and start learning Cuban music from home (English subtitled).


Try our singing courses: work your technique and learn the most popular Cuban traditional songs.



From Lecuona to the most famous tumbaos of Cuban music. From our music school you will find the piano course more suitable for you.



Learn the basics and more advanced rhythms of Cuban music with our drums courses.

Brass / Woodwind

Trumpet / Trombone
Flute / Sax
Clarinet / Bassoon / Oboe



Bass / Double Bass
Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar
Tres Guitar


Bongo / Congas (Tumbadoras)
Minor Percussion: Maracas / Claves / Güiros / Shekere…

Music lessons for:

Our music courses can be adapted to music teachers who want to deepen the study of Cuban music, it’s rhythms and patterns of improvisation.

Courses adapted to students with basic knowledge that want to learn a correct technique and the basic patterns of Cuban music.

Courses focused on professional musicians interested in Cuban music. There is also the possibility to play with Cuban musicians.

Our students:

We have received students and teachers from prestigious music schools and travel companies:

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