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Havana Music is a musical project based in Havana to learn Cuban music.

Our courses and workshops are aimed at students of all levels as well as teachers and musicians who wish to learn or deepen their knowledge of Cuban music. From our music school, we guarantee a well-rounded and fascinating experience.

The mixture of cultures has created a fusion of rhythms and styles in Cuba with a long tradition and quality that has been recognised worldwide. Havana is the capital of Cuban music and the ideal place to start getting to know it.

Havana Music offers you a complete experience!

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Music teachers

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Camerata Romeu, an unprecedented female orchestra

Camerata Romeu, an unprecedented female orchestra

The Camerata Romeu is a Cuban musical group integrated only by women. The exclusivity of its repertoire, the scenic beauty, the excellent work as...

Frank Delgado, an honest troubadour

Frank Delgado, an honest troubadour

“We are not merchants, we decide to make art and I have always been a troubadour […]. The essence of the troubadour is the guitar and...

Learning music in Havana, capital of all Cubans

Learning music in Havana, capital of all Cubans

There is no doubt: nothing like the capital city to measure the pulse of Cuban music. But how can you study music in Havana? Whatever is said, in...

Wit To

Thank you with all my heart at Havana Music School for this month together, thank you to Lino Piquero, my amazing teacher of contrabajo for the interesting and beautiful lesson togheter, thank you to @Mauris for the percussion and @Adalberto for the amazing hospitality and support for all the time.

Wit To (Berlin, Germany) / Double Bass
Winston Moya

Desde Chile enviamos un gran saludo y nuestros agradecimientos junto a Javiera Alejandra Lara Salvador por la clases recibidas por el profesor Rafael Morán. Estamos muy felices por la experiencia y esperamos algún día volver. Un abrazo

Winston Moya (Chile) / Percusión AfroCubana
Vicky Schaetzinger

Grazie per l'amore e la professionalità con la quale svolgete il vostro lavoro! Grazie Miguel Freijo grazie Adalberto H. Santos! Grazie a tutti!!!

Vicky Schaetzinger (Milano, Italia) / Founder of Scuola di Musica Cluster (Milano)
Kirk Layton

I just spent two weeks (July 2016) studying guitar with Havana Music School. I had a fantastic teacher and player who challenged me to work harder every day. We worked on some traditional Cuban music and then started into modern Cuban jazz. I would go back just to learn more. That said, the team at the school was a major asset from Miguel helping with everything from transportation to where to stay and Adalberto giving me a tour of old Havana. It was a very supportive school and rewarding experience.

Kirk Layton (Calgary, Canada) / Guitar
Tashi Brundige

We had an amazing three weeks studying at the Havana Music School. Our teachers were amazing, and Miguel and Adalberto were endlessly helpful and flexible. I highly recommend the school to anyone interested in Cuban music, and I hope to go back soon

Tashi Brundige (Aspen, Colorado, US) / Piano
Tim Fuchtman

Hello my friends at the Havana Music School! My ears are still happy with the music we made together last June! I hope to see you again soon

Tim Fuchtman (Cincinnati, Ohio, US) / Trombone

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