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Calle 28 #172 e/ 17 y 19.
Havana, Cuba

What is Havana Music?

Havana Music is a musical space to get to know Cuban music. Our courses and workshops are aimed at students of all levels as well as teachers and musicians who wish to familiarise with or deepen their knowledge of Cuban music. From our music school, we guarantee a well-rounded and fascinating experience.

The mixture of cultures has created a fusion of rhythms and styles in Cuba with a long tradition and quality that has been recognised worldwide. Havana is the capital of Cuban music and the ideal place to start getting to know it.


Havana Music offers you a complete experience!

In addition to this, we combine different musical workshops with the living experience of Cuban musicality.

Students enjoy Cuban music concerts throughout their learning experience. To guarantee all this, we coordinate different visits to music concerts in Havana, according to your preferred genre. From Havana Music we provide all the musical programming that this wonderful city offers.

Let’s go to Havana!

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