Cuban Music teachers: sincerity and expertise

Nov 30, 2020


How a great musician is form? Definitely, talent is an aspect which influences, as well as family and social environment. However, practical and theoretical studies are essential: even self-learners at some point have to recur to a teacher, if they wish to advance their musical career.

Cuban Music teachers have a great advantage over their peers in other parts of the world. In this wonderful island, cradle of rhythms and ready to receive any influence as yours, music is an essential part of life. The Cuban lives with music, work with music and enjoy music almost from birth. The famous Cuban clave is embedded in our genes and our sense of rhythm is innate.

The idiosyncrasies of Cuban Music teachers

Maybe in other parts of the world, the people dedicated to teach music see themselves as privileged people. In Cuba, that is not true. Cuban Music teachers are first Cuban-blooded: simple, hospitable, given to the joke and the revelry … honest people who offer their friendship openly and without reserves.

After meeting the man, you will know the musician: virtuoso, technically perfect and with that wonderful gift called talent. Finally, you will know the teacher: patient, severe when it should be, professional and full of pride when his student learns his lesson well.

Do not be surprised if your teacher treats you from the first moment in a colloquial way, if in the middle of the class he makes you a joke to relieve tension or suddenly he starts to jam with you. Cuban Music teachers will pat you on the shoulder when you do well. And scold you when you’re wrong, but always with a smile and the desire to teach.

Havana Music School is the bridge between the musician and the teacher

Our school’s main purpose is to provide the space and serve as a link, so you can access to the best of Cuban Music teachers. Regardless of the gender or instrument in which you want to develop yourself, we have a luxury body of professors, where not only highlights the artistic quality but also experience in teaching.

Located in one of the municipalities of Havana with greatest musical tradition, our facilities are located in calle 28 #172 entre 17 y 19, Vedado. We can say with great pride that we have the best of Cuban Music teachers, selected both by their professional and human qualities.

From them you will know all the secrets of the music that permeates this island, in a profound but fun way. With them you will discover a range of technical tricks, which you can then use to create your own style. And, at your departure, you will proudly say that one of the most talented Cuban Music teachers is also your friend.

The merits of the Cuban Music teachers of Havana Music speak for themselves. Hope to see you soon in Havana to study Cuban music with us!


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