For centuries, the teaching of music has obeyed a classic model that demands of the pupil a great level of commitment and to dedicate a long time before being able to master a genre or instrument.

This is also valid to learn Cuban music, because the Island has an ample and well-established musical educational system of Schools of Arts, Conservatories and learning centers.

Nevertheless, and as in the rest of the world, a pupil that wants to learn Cuban music should register courses that have a minimal six-month duration, and in which many other matters are given.

Making a good use of your holiday time

Learning Cuban music

Learning Cuban music

But what if you already know how to play the instrument, and you only wish to learn how to play one of many Cubans rhythms? Obviously, you are not going to need the rest of the technical elements that are given in the academies. It’s possible that you do not have the time for a long staying either and besides you wish to make good use of your journey to do some tourism.

Another important element is finding the adequate teacher, that besides has time to work with you, in addition to the space and the instruments at your disposal. Summing up, there is a long list of factors that can create an obstacle for you at the time of learning Cuban music.

In response to these needs, Havana Music School rises. Located in Cerro neighbourhood in Paradero st number 124 (and the end of Ayestaran st, almost reaching Boyeros), this new type of school aims to link the student with a professor of experience in the instrument that you elect. It offers besides the physical space, with soundproof and air-conditioned classrooms and the necessary instruments in order that you can learn Cuban music with comfort and in an effective way.

Our professors, exceptional musicians and reputable pedagogues, will attend you in a personalised way during the schedule of classes. Nothing of crowded classrooms: Attention is personalised, which is why you will advance more rapidly and you will be able to correct any error before you become a habit rapidly. The range of instruments to choose is very extensive, being our most popular courses the ones of percussion and electric bass, precisely the rhythmic base of the main genres of the Island.

Furthermore, the class schedules are not rigid: you can accommodate them in order that they do not obstruct your tourist activities. The numbers of hour’s classes to take also are left at your election, in dependence of how deep you want your incursion in our music to be.

Learning music Cuban in the Internet era

Absolutely, our teaching does not finish when you return back to your country. You can keep in touch with us through our portal; where on a regular basis will appear tutorials of your favorite teachers unveiling secrets of the way of interpreting different musical genres of the Island and more. Additionally, you can hold the contact with your professors through e-mail to continue learning from his wisdom.

On Line Courses

Recently Havana Music School has issued several online courses to all international students interested in Cuban music. Courses available so far are: fiddle, trumpet, trombone, cello, tres guitar, sax and double bass.

Additionally, you can learn Cuban music following our blog. So important as the practical part is to understand the reason why is the Cuban’s musicality it is an essential part of our personality. That’s why we tell you about both the origins and the present time history and the leading men of Cuban music.

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