Musical Tours in Havana

Jul 14, 2022


Unlike traditional music schools, the aim of Havana Music School is not limited to teach you to play Cuban rhythms in the instrument of your choice. All that you could probably learn it in a pentagram… but Cuban music is, first, passion.

If you don’t learn to see our music through our eyes, you will never be able to feel it. You will not live it as we do. Therefore, more than mere sightseeing, our musical tours in Havana teach you how the music is an item indissoluble of our essence.

Musical tours in Havana with Havana Music School

Therefore, we can create for you the full educational environment for you to fall in love for our country music. What would be your opinion of a school where you can not only learn at your pace and according to your requirements, but that more than teaching, it educates?

Our teachers, with long music teaching experience and many of them also recognised musicians, will give you the specialised education that you deserve… but your transit through Havana Music School can become the immersive experience you need to, not only learn Cuban music, but also live it.

To do this, you can ask us about our Musical tours in Havana, perfectly adjustable to your interests but that will allow you to zoom in a different way to the Cuban music. Then, you can get the most useful to your time with us.

It is not tourism. It is culture

Musical tours in Havana includes, as well as classes in our headquarters of Calle 28 #172 in the Vedado’s neighbourhood, attendance at night concerts of the best music groups according to your taste, accommodation possibilities in registered private homes with our recommendation, tours by old Havana with specialised tour guides and visits to musical and cultural workshops that will show you what music means for Cubans.

If we stand out for something, is the immersive experience we can provide. Our musical tours in Havana let you, in addition to our professionalism in music teaching, the possibility to know both real legends in the music world as to appreciate the influence of music and culture in the capital of our country. Havana stands out as one of the most active cultural poles in the world, and we are along her side.

Discover the passion with us

To understand the legacy of a nation to the music world, you need to know its history. And nothing is more appropriate than receive it directly from to people that made it and those who actually live and breathe all the long tradition of Cuban music. Only then you will, each time a Cuban clave is played, really put you in a state of mind not to play Cuban music, but really feel it flow from your heart to your fingers.

So come and tell us your interests and if you want to join us in our Musical tours in Havana. We are sure that we can find the right offers and plan together your time on our capital, so your time as Habanero became unforgettable. Also, do not forget to subscribe to our portal to know about the latest of Cuban music and its players.



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