Percussion lessons in Cuba – Learn at your own pace

Oct 26, 2022


There are many musicians from all over the world who are looking for percussion courses in Cuba. This fact talks about not only about the international prestige of our percussionists, but also about an undeniable fact: if you want to play Cuban music, the best place to learn it is where it came from.

And it is that the Cuban carries the percussion and the rhythm in the blood. Already from the womb of our mothers we are surrounded by an environment that drives us percussion almost in the DNA, and proof of this is that you can know if someone is Cuban or not by simply asking how to play the Cuban clave. That rhythmic cell that is so simple for us is a headache and a mystery that encloses the essence of Cuban music.

A world of rhythms and instruments

Cuban percussion is as rich in different rhythms as in instruments, many of them native to our country. Others, like the drums, the tumbadora or the “cajón” flamenco are not ours, but they are played on this island like nowhere else in the world.

Whether you want a trip through all the percussion instruments that are used in Cuban music or you want to focus into just one, our percussion courses in Cuba are ready to meet your expectations. This is not an empty statement: we are prepared to fulfil it, because you can customise your course exactly to what you want, in the time you want to devote to your learning.

The advantage of our percussion courses in Cuba

Depending on the instrument, rhythm and schedules you decide, we will put you in touch with a professor of recognised prestige within the world of Cuban percussion. Our teachers are not only great educators who have trained many generations of Cuban musicians, but they themselves are prestigious musicians who have integrated emblematic orchestras of Cuban music and seated cathedra in percussion at an international level.

Moreover, you will not have to share your training with other students: during the duration of your percussion courses in Cuba, the teacher will attend you exclusively in the premises of Havana Music School. That is, undoubtedly, an excellent opportunity not only to learn, but to make friends for life with your mentor.

At Havana Music School we think about your training

In our headquarters of calle 28 #172 between 17 and 19, in the neighbourhood of Vedado, we have modern soundproofed and air-conditioned facilities, where you and your teacher can create the right environment for you to get the best out of your classes.

But your learning will not be limited to a classroom. According to your musical inclinations, we will inform you where you can enjoy live percussion during your stay, so you can appreciate in practice what you are taught in theory. We will keep you informed of the several cultural presentations that take place in the capital and the provinces of Cuba, as well as provide other facilities that will make your learning and stay in our country an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

So if you have already decided to live with us our percussion courses in Cuba, do not hesitate to contact us to start preparing your experience.


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