The Rolling Stones are already in Cuba! Several months ago, in October 2015, Mick Jagger, the lead singer of the legendary English rock band was visiting Havana.

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones

Secretive and elusive from his luxury room in Havana Hotel Melia Habana, Mick Jagger discreetly explored nightclubs and art sites where, as a spectator, enjoyed Cuban music.

Although it has been said that the visit was a private character, the British band also had the opportunity to meet with the relevant Cuban authorities to finalize the details of the concert that will take place next Friday, March 25th.

During these previous days the details of the stage located on the grounds of the “Ciudad Deportiva”, where attendance of more than 450,000 fans are expected.

This historic concert is scheduled to start at 20:30 and entry will be free for both nationals and foreigners. Finally Havana, Cuba and The Rolling Stones will join together after years of distance love.

The presentation of the Rolling Stones in Cuba

In September last year the band announced his intention to stand in Cuba in early 2016. Although its official poster tour the band did not include the Greater Antilles (which disappointed quite a few on the island). The idea came after the visit to the island in February 2015 The Dead Daysis group, whose lineup included members of the current lineup of The Rolling Stones Darryl Jones and Bernard Fowler.

The warm reception given to this group by the audience deeply impressed and influenced musicians in the decision. Thus, the English band plans to conclude his South American tour in Cuba, with a concert that already causes expectations.

Will “Ciudad Deportiva” be enough?

And not only lovers rock will be there. In Cuba The Rolling Stones are the idols of a generation, with The Beatles. Stigmatized from the 60s to 80s of last century as “ideological deviation” by the Cuban authorities, now finally reason prevails. And if you count the historical moment with the arrival of Obama, the story could not be better. In this new century, the capital have seen passed international stature bands like Oasis, Rage Against the Machine, Sepultura, The Dead Daysies and many others.

Hardly the “Ciudad Deportiva” of Havana may contain hundreds of thousands of people who travel from all parts of the island (and abroad) to see their heroes of yesterday. The expectation is great, and a huge crowd for this free concert is looming.

The legend persists

The Rolling Stones are part of the bands that defined rock and roll in the early 60’s included in 1989 in the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll, this group has continued recording albums and imposing hits and perform numerous international tours. It is considered the longest band in history.

The presentation of the Rolling Stones in Cuba is without any doubt, the biggest cultural event of this 2016 in Cuba. Now we are waiting, as we Cubans say (and in this case literally) “como cosa buena”.

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