Designing your own music courses in Havana

Nov 21, 2020


Music learning requires time and dedication. A professional musician must employ no less than three years of constant practice to master an instrument, and a lifetime of talent and devotion to develop his own style. In Cuba, as in other countries, there are schools that offer training courses for students from other latitudes.

But you may just want a quick approach to Cuban rhythms, the time you have is limited, and want to take advantage of getting the best classes from the best teachers. And, since you’re in Cuba, you also want to adjust your schedule to have room for tourism. Is that an impossible dream? Not with Havana Music School.

You can create your music courses in Havana with us

Thinking about your needs, Havana Music School helps you prepare beforehand your own music courses in Havana.

We are the bridge between teachers and musicians who want to learn the music of our country. Finding the right teacher is the most important and also the most difficult task. Imagine how little time you will have to learn, if you had to find someone to teach you.

And that person may not have the necessary qualifications. Regardless of gender or instrument, our school gives you an intimate space for an individual lesson and better interaction with a member of our prestigious staff.

Our music courses in Havana allow you to select the teacher closer to your needs. You can check on our website for teachers available on the instrument of your interest, read their resumes and see a short demo video of one of their classes on our Youtube channel. When you’ve decided, we will make the necessary arrangements.

Our facilities, located in Paradero 124 bajos, in the neighborhood of El Cerro, works with flexible hours. Then, you would be able to coordinate not only the day, but the amount of hours you want to devote to the study of Cuban music. No matter if you wants to take just a few classes a week, or if you are making a long stay to seriously study Cuban music. Nor does it matter if you are a professional musician or want to learn an instrument from the basics: We can help.

Our music courses in Havana are an immersive experience

You will not be alone when creating your course. Our school goes much further in the effort to bring out the ultimate experience from your time. Therefore, we will recommend you several cultural events and live music centers to enjoy your stay in our country and see in practice the knowledge that you are acquiring in class.

One of the features that have made Cuban music shine is precisely the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation with artists from other countries. Therefore, do not be surprised if your teacher will encourage you to take what you learn to your music. 


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