Why go to Cuba to study music?

Jun 23, 2022


When we talk about Cuba, immediately it jumps to our mind his hospitable people, beaches, rum, tobacco… and music!

This Caribbean country is imbued with the magic of its sounds, and is world famous for the quality of its musicians and the variety of rhythms that have born there. Since the eighteenth century to the present day, they have emerged from this small island countless genres that deserve a place in the cultural heritage of humanity.

The danzón, guajira, son montuno, Latin and African jazz, rumba, guaguancó, bolero, timba, cha-cha, rock, and even the Cuban reggaeton have sounded and sound in the world. If this is where the real flavor is, going to study music to Cuba it is the best choice for those who want to learn how to play as the Cuban does.

The advantages of going to study music to Cuba

This country offers many advantages for a musician who wish to enter this wonderful jungle of sounds and rhythms that made up our nation. First, the public safety. Although not without taking some basic precautions, Cuba has one of the lowest rates of crime in the world.

On the streets of Havana you can walk in complete safety. Second, the tourism development. Going to Cuba to study music does not involve great expenses in terms of accommodation: besides the hotel infrastructure, there are many private rentals that have nothing to envy to a 4 or 5 star hotel, at much lower prices.

Also, if you plan to stay for a long time, you can get significant discounts. The third and main advantage is the number of events that you can attend if you decide to go to Cuba to study music.

Havana is a musical and cultural hotbed, where every night there is a place to go to listen to good music at truly affordable prices and for all tastes. Which leads to the next advantage. Should I go to Cuba to study music for days or months? There are two options.

¿Long course or short course?

If you want to go to Cuba to study music, surely already you have in mind the time you want or you can devote to this venture. Perhaps your intention is to get to know the Cuban rhythms in full, and has plenty of time at your disposal.

The best option then is to manage a scholarship student in one of the prestigious institutions of the country for music education, as the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) or the CNEART. These courses are deep and take several months. But if you have a limited time (want to spend also some time in tourism), you want very specific knowledge of a rhythm or instrument, and also need a tutor dedicated only to yourself, your best choice is Havana Music School.

Your best option in Havana to study music

Our school, located in Calle 28 e/ 17 y 19 #172 in Vedado neighbourhood, offers you the possibility to decide not only the instrument and the music genre, but also the number of classes and teachers of your choice. Our entire faculty members has extensive experience in music education and are talented instrumentalists, who share their time between centers of higher musical studies and his work in Havana Music School.


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