Online music lessons in times of pandemic

Jan 19, 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken humanity by surprise, forcing us to change our habits and customs. One of the sectors hardest hit by the isolation measures necessary to contain the disease is entertainment, and especially music.

However, although live concerts and performances are still closed to us, the music helped us and still helps to make the confinement more bearable. This universal language unites us and consoles us, so we have made adversity a victory and, thanks to technology, musicians of all countries are more active than ever.

Making the most of this waiting time

Many of us have run out of excuses and, since we necessarily have a lot of free time on our hands, we have used it to learn and perfect ourselves as instrumentalists.

Thanks to the development of the internet and our love of music, many of us have spent hours and hours mastering new techniques on our instruments. Free and paid courses are more than enough if you know how to search, while we wait for the storm to pass.

However, nothing beats – perhaps only the face-to-face version, which at the moment carries too many risks – to being guided by an experienced teacher, even if it is only online. Although it is true that good “download courses” can be very useful, questions and doubts do not stop arising, which we can only elucidate if we receive a direct clarification from a teacher who sees and hears what we are doing wrong … and recognizes us when we do it well.

Online music lessons

With or without pandemic, online music lessons have been gaining ground for years in the world of music learning. The new technologies already allow us the interaction of audio and video in real time between teachers and students, making instruction cheaper in terms of mobility, availability of schedules and rental of classrooms with ideal conditions for teaching.

So we save time, we learn more comfortably, the music lessons are more personalized and, of course, with online music lessons we do not neglect the security that the moments we are living require of us.

Although this form of instruction also has its disadvantages (you need a fast Internet connection, you do not take advantage of interaction with a group of students of your level and you have to spend many hours in front of the computer) most music academies are favoring this learning method. In addition, it allows you to maintain a longer-term relationship with your tutor, no matter where you are in the world.

And of course, Havana Music School was not going to miss this luxurious opportunity for you to master the secrets of Cuban music.

Havana Music School, online lessons

From its headquarters at Calle 28 in the Vedado neighborhood, Havana Music School offers you a group of specialized music courses in Cuban music for various instruments.

But now it also offers online music lessons, in which outstanding teachers of recognized international prestige will take you by the hand until you master the magic of Cuban music.

In this way, without having to move from home, you can interact with them at the time and frequency you choose. This way you will prepare yourself so that, when possible, you come to live and enjoy with us the multitude of rhythms that the Greater Antilles reserves for you.


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