Percussion course in Cuba

Aug 25, 2019


A drum is one of the oldest instruments used by mankind. It not only transmits musical sounds, but can be used as a means of communication and has its own language depending on ethnicities and religions that make it sound. That is why when you receive a percussion course in Cuba, you will inherit our roots, because anywhere you play drums will be part of these traditions.

A course of percussion in Cuba is more than drums

Usually people come to our country imagining that Cuban percussion is limited to what they have known thanks to the spread of salsa and timba orchestras around the world. However, in addition to the characteristic drums of conga, bongos and timbales there are a large number of instruments that you will learn if you take a percussion course in Cuba.

Beginning with the claves, a basic instrument that despite its simplicity is the soul of all orchestration, you will assimilate the purest form of Cuban rhythms. There are others more traditional and folkloric like the shekeré, a dry squash with snails woven around this one offers an exclusive and beautiful sonority.

In a percussion course in Cuba, you will also learn that sometimes the best instrument is improvised. The percussion lives on a chair, in a bottle, on two wooden or metal rods, even on the palms of his hands. And throughout Cuba there is no better place to learn our music than the Havana Music School.

The quality of Havana Music School available for you

Based in calle 28 #172, in the Havana municipality of Vedado, Havana Music School has the necessary conditions so that the stay and enjoyment of your visit are not affected while receiving our distinctive percussion course in Cuba. We have graduated professors of the best musical schools of the country, experience in international level and the tradition running through its veins. Our classrooms have soundproof technology and their classes will be personalised with the aim of getting the best of the musicians.

One of the great problems of the visitors is to adjust during their stay the necessary time to study and to make tourism to know the country. Havana Music School does not have fixed hours, so to receive your percussion course in Cuba will become one more activity that you can enjoy without the pressures and discomforts of the typical pre-established hours.

Therefore, we recommend that you formulate your own agenda and reserve the time you wish to dedicate to your musical studies. We wait for you with a smile and open arms.


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