Music lessons in Cuba – A luxury opportunity

Jul 7, 2022


Those enjoying music lessons in Cuba say that us, Cuban people, carry the music in our blood.

Those who have seen Cuba from abroad talk about the unique symphony that our cities represent each day. Just looking at the rhythmical walking of a Cuban woman makes you think she is performing in each step the spontaneous movements of what could be “the dance of life in the island”. Havana is the capital of the country, and it is so in all aspects, including music.

The rub of Domino tiles in the corners, the bembe in the neighborhoods to please our gods, the old and new cars intoxicating the streets with different sounds of horns, the proclamations… Havana is a mixture of sounds of a never ending Cuban song.

Music lessons in Cuba carries the rhythm of what is lived in the cities; the rhythm of Havana is, no doubt, one of the most tasty and exciting experiences you will feel, no matter where you go. Caribbean warmth, the recognized hospitality of islanders, the wilderness of the rumba we carry inside as an African legacy, the enjoyment of classic passed down by Europeans: all that beautiful mixture where we come from has resulted in a unique land that took the best of its ancestors and turned it into an unrepeatable cultural offer.

Cuban culture is a great piece of art and Cuban people are born artists that sing and dance the way they feel and think, because they seem to have an almost genetic need for artistic expression”.

Havana Music School: Music Lessons in Cuba in a different way

Havana, Cuban capital of art, is the propitious place to take music lessons in Cuba and connect with all the artistic expression that converge in the city as a never-ending party. The bohemian way of life of the Cuban city invites in each step to interact with art, especially music.

Havana Music School proposes the unforgettable experience of knowing Cuban music first-hand by yourself and also meeting in person the most prestigious teachers of the country. Any one of our courses will give you the chance to take lessons from renowned Cuban masters that will guide you through the most diverse local and foreign rhythms, but in the way of the largest island of the Antilles.

Havana Music School offers you an opportunity to study your favorite instrument, no matter whether you are a professional or an amateur as our courses adapt to your needs and time availability, so you can take your music lessons in Cuba while making the most of your staying in the city.

Our institute for musical education also ensures accommodation, advising about reliable lodging of different categories so you can choose the one that suits you best. Likewise, our programe includes the interaction with other artistic expressions taking place in the city and the possibility at the end of the course of rehearsing on a stage in the capital everything learnt during your music lessons in Cuba.


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