Havana – 500 years creating music

Nov 18, 2019


In this year, the capital of all Cubans is 500 years old, which is cause for celebration. And we Cubans know that there is no better entertainment for Havana than music, because in this city you breathe notes at every step.

As if it were one of the musical notes, Havana was one of the main seven villages founded by the Spanish Crown. In fact, it was the sixth, founded in 1514 and then moved to its current location in 1519, the year taken as the final date of its creation.

Due to its geographical location and its wide and protected bay, it was selected as a point of concentration for the Fleet of the Indies. This not only contributed to its being named in 1592 as the seat of the government of the Island, but also the definitive melting crucible where Cuban music was created.

The key to the New World

With the Fleet, music also came to Havana, both from Europe and the American continent. Later it was a point of arrival for the African slaves, who contributed to the mix with their percussion and particular sense of rhythm.

This city was also the scene of the emergence of true Cuban culture, and many genres emerged on the tables of prestigious buildings of the nineteenth century such as the Tacon Theater, the Artistic and Literary Lyceum or the Colosseum theater. The splendor of the economy in the 1860s brought prosperity also in art.

Literally, there is no rhythm in the world that has not found a place among Havana musicians, who have not only learned but also incorporated it into their own repertoire after transforming them with elements of our music. Examples are bolero, feeling, pop and rock, just to name a few.

However, it cannot be said that our capital was greedy in its musical gifts. On the contrary, numerous musicians born in Havana have contributed to the development of such diverse rhythms as jazz, salsa, Argentine tango, afrobeat, bachata, merengue, Colombian cumbia or Spanish flamenco.

A teacher with 5 centuries of experience

All Cuban musicians know that it doesn’t matter in which province they were born: if they want to succeed, they must conquer the Havana public. Then international fame will come, but it is in the capital of Cuban music where you learn the most and know if you are good or not.

Therefore, we have the firm conviction that this city is the best music teacher, since it has been forming stars since its foundation. Therefore, Havana Music School is committed to a free and immersive teaching system, where the methodology of the most prestigious teachers is combined with that pulse that beats in each of the arteries of Havana, in each street, in each neighbourhood.

You can find us at our headquarters in Calle 28 #172, in the neighbourhood of Vedado, in the heart of Havana. Our courses are specially designed not only for you to learn, but also for you to know about Cuban music.



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