Percussion classes in Havana personalised to your needs

Apr 24, 2020


There are many who see Cuba not only as a tourist destination, but as a place to take percussion classes in Havana. This does not surprise anyone, cause the percussionists of our country are considered among the best internationally.

Cuba stands out for the excellence of its percussionists in terms of rhythm, whether national, such as rumba, guaguancó, salsa and timba, but also in genres as diverse and dissimilar as flamenco rumba or jazz. Cuban has a very special relationship with percussion, which not only we use in our dissimilar rhythms but also we have a wide range of instruments of this family, all directed by our very Cuban clave.

Percussion classes in Havana adapted to your schedule and preferences

Obviously, something that we listen to and start practicing from childhood is not easily learned, but this instruction is easier if you study in our land. Although of undeniable quality, learning percussion in one of the institutions of music education in Cuba requires adapting to the requirements of schedules and subjects of study, where one begins to study from scratch and it takes years to master the instruments.

But, what if your time is limited, or you are just a professional musician who wants to incorporate Cuban percussion into your baggage? Fortunately, Havana Music School puts at your disposal its facilities and the possibility of receiving percussion classes in Havana with one of our prestigious teachers.

What makes us different is the fact that you establish the number of hours you want to receive, the timetables and the content that interests you. It does not matter if you are a neophyte or a professional musician: you can customize your course to the maximum … or leave it in the expert hands of our teachers.

Luxury mentors and friends forever

Our teaching staff is composed not only by international pedagogues who have formed several generations of Cuban percussionists, but also they are musicians who have integrated groups that have written the history of Cuban percussion.

In our facilities of calle 28 #172 in the neighbourhood of Vedado, you will be able to meet your teacher in an appropriate environment which will encourage you to make great advances. Well, more good news: no crowded classrooms or wait for your mentor to rectify your technique: during your class hours the teacher will attend you personally and will be concentrated exclusively in youyr studies.

This luxury opportunity favours that among you is established, more than a student- teacher dependency, a true friendship that extends beyond your course.

Much more than a school

Havana Music School is more than a place to receive classes: it is a place to make friends. In addition to interacting with your teachers and other students, we inform you of all the cultural activities of interest so that you can appreciate live what learned in classes.

We are aware of everything relevant to the musical life of the city, so that your percussion classes in Havana will have the added value of being able to appreciate, at the hands of the protagonists of Cuban music, the elements that your professor teaches you.

So, you know: contact us to start helping you organise your percussion classes in Havana, of which you will surely get the most out of it.


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