A French friend of mine made me a comment: every time he came to Cuba, he got surprised finding a completely unknown amazing artist.

He was coming every time that he had holidays, and dedicated himself to explore conscientiously the Island, going over each province backpack in hand. That way he discovered the flora and the fauna, the kindness of the people, the way of talking of the Cuban, our history and our culture.

Sure, that on his way around Cuba he had a glance, pretty touristic indeed, of Cuban music. He confessed me after what’s closest that was at that time to witness something real, instead of the trios that play at the restaurants, was a repentismo controversy in Villa Clara. But from the fifth time that he came to Cuba until now, he has dedicated itself to study music in Cuba. And not yet finish, but far from disillusioned for the complexity of rhythms and the variations between musical genres, he is delighted.

-A treasure which bottom is not seen – he compares. And I have no more choice that, proud of my country and its culture, giving him the reason.

The reason why to study music in Cuba

Study music in Cuba

Dayme Arocena

There are two answers here, in dependence to what we want saying. If what you desire is studying music of any kind in Cuba, with my eyes closed I will say that our country counts with high-level centers of learning and it is international recognition in musical education. The great civic tranquility and the relatively low cost of the boardinghouse, make of Cuba a very attractive place the students.

If, on the contrary, you wish to study music in Cuba to learn from his autochthonous rhythms, I do not even have to close my eyes. Of course that there is no better place to learn Cuban music than Cuba. Nothing like the birthplace of a genre to know his founders and the ones that keep it alive, either the melody of the son or Afro-Cuban jazz, cha-cha-cha or the timba, the guaguancó or the Trova. The same as I would tell you that Brazil is the perfect place to learn samba, Cuba is for its own rhythms.

Studying Music in Cuba: The where depends on the time at your disposal

If you have enough time and resources and you can remain in Cuba around six months or more, the most complete option is going to any one of the institutions for music learning. A very good election would be the CNEART, that he offers several courses for foreign students.

Nevertheless, if time that you have is limited, you have certain experience with the instrument of your choice and what you desire is to get the essential elements to start to venture into rhythms Cubans, what you need is a new type of school.

Havana Music School allows you going, of the hand of a high experienced professor in the instrument that you elect, at the pace that you desire. You can design your own schedule and the number of class hours that you wish to receive, in dependence of how far you wish to go. In addition to a great range of instruments to choose, you can also choose the musical genre that you want to learn.

The school will assign you the more indicated professor for your needs, which he will take care of you in a personalised way, in our air-conditioned and soundproof facilities, located in Paradero 124 (corner of Ayestaran St and Boyeros Avenue), in the Cerro neighbourhood.

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