The importance of music lessons for children

Feb 27, 2021


Although the educational systems of many countries incorporate music instruction at some point in their programs, if your child has an aptitude for music, you should seriously consider enrolling him in music lessons. In addition to the advantages already listed, children who receive music lessons as an after-school activity also improve their behavior in other spheres of life. Learning to play an instrument and make music by themselves develops emotional intelligence in children, so that children tend to socialize better and develop empathy. Another point in favor of music lessons is that they reinforce the expression of the little ones: music is also a communication code. Also, learning to make music with an instrument develops motor coordination in the brain.

When is the child ready for music lessons?

The sooner the better. Many studies indicate that beginning to familiarize them with music from preschool ages helps them develop their brain in four fundamental aspects: safety, learning, concentration and body expression. Once the child enters school, he is theoretically ready to begin his first music lessons. These, of course, are aimed at detecting to what extent the child has not only attitudes for music, but also the right attitude for learning. In the same way that taking music lessons can have a beneficial effect on your child, if the child is not interested in it and sees it as a punishment, he will not be able to benefit from learning music.

Keep in mind that mastering an instrument requires patience, perseverance, and long years of practice. If the child is not really motivated by taking music classes, incorporating this extracurricular activity into her life will not bring the expected benefits.

Havana Music School helps you discover talent

If you think your child has the talent to take advantage of music classes, we help you prove it. Our school prides itself on having teachers with vast experience in teaching music of all ages, belonging to the most prestigious academies and institutions in our country. Our headquarters at Calle 28, in the Vedado neighborhood, also has soundproofed and air-conditioned classrooms where students receive personalized attention, so that their child can develop the maximum of their potential. The schedule and frequency of these extracurricular activities are up to you, so do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive more information about our music lessons for children.


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