Havana Music School offers for the music students in Cuba a new type of learning model that is flexible and immersive within the cultural landscape of the city. Why? We will tell you right away.

A modern school of music that fills a void

Music students in Cuba

Music students in Cuba

Normally, a music academy offers a group of courses consisting in a full program of studies. Students have to face rigid schedules and are taught things that, although very useful from an academic point of view, are not of interest in practice.

Music students in Cuba have lots of academies, conservatories and music schools to study at all levels. The problem is that many foreign musicians who want to get closer to the rhythms of the island; do not have enough time to make a long stay. In addition, they are already great instrumentalists, or at least they dominate the aspects necessary to approach in a short period of time the basics of Cuban music.

Havana Music School: before and after

For music students in Cuba previously they had only two options. The first is that they knew beforehand a Cuban musician, contacted in person during a tour or by the emerging internet of the island. The friend invited them to his house and, in an environment sometimes inappropriate, conveyed his knowledge.

No doubt the capacity of the Cuban musician to do so, but sometimes the language barrier or lack of educational elements will not allow a great advance. Or the student came to Cuba, and eventually had sought anyone who could teach him… which obviously was often a waste of time and money. The problem is: How to arrange a lesson between a music students in Cuba and the best teacher for that specific instrument, musical genre, and the time that he wants to learn, in an ideal environment for the student-teacher work? The solution is Havana Music School, the first and only musical academy in Havana that offers a flexible learning model for students of music in Cuba.

Havana Music School and music students in Cuba

In our facilities, located in Paradero #124 on the El Cerro neighbourhood, you will have the ideal environment for music lessons, taught by renowned professors with long experience. You have no time to lose and we know it, so from the moment you contact us through our website havanamusicschool.com we will do all necessary arrangements with your teacher. You can choose the number of classes and hours you want to receive of the instrument you choose, musical genre… virtually a customised course design by you. No large groups, your teacher will be 100% devoted to teach you everything you want to know about Cuban music.

Moreover, we take care to advise and go with you to all events related to the music and culture in Havana. We can also suggest you rental houses of our confidence, so that your stay and learning will become as safe and efficient as possible.

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Calz de Ayestarán between Santa Ana and Ave. Independencia. (Paradero #124).
Havana, Cuba