Cuban dance and music – The usual couple

Oct 19, 2021


Although the music of Cuba is rich in all kinds of genres, from the most classical to the popular, it is clear that almost all of our rhythms come out from the Cuban’s need to dance. It is something that runs in us through our veins, a mixture of Spanish conquerors, European immigrants and, above all, African slaves brought to our island.

In our way of dancing, the voluptuousness of African blood emerges, the elegance of French balls and the joy of Spanish dances, all mixed and seasoned with a kind of music that is not afraid to assimilate any element if it moves the body. Cause the Cuban has an urgent need to move, to dance, to find the beat to all the music and to turn his body into another instrument of the orchestra and identify each note.

A culture of movement

What rhythms can you dance in Cuba? I think the question should be what you can’t dance.

From the body rhythm of rumba and guaguancó, true rooster battles or seduction games to the figures of the rueda de casino, Cubans are able to dance anything, and to provide with an original and different flavor. We are not afraid to incorporate elements of other traditional dances such as danzón or chachachá … or face classical ballet with the success of Alicia Alonso or Carlos Acosta, or mixing flamenco with Afro-Cuban as List Alfonso, Joel Zamora or Irene Rodriguez.

Or dance, as they say in good Cuban, “in a single brick” a romantic bolero that invites to an intimate hug between the couple. Or move with the sensual ease of Cuban reggaeton. Do not doubt it: even the most “patón” (bad dancer) of Cubans knows how to move as if he were making love to music.

The Cuban clave, the one that floods us from birth, is our universal pattern, our 4×4 rhythm that has made Cuban dance one of the most international manifestations of our idiosyncrasy.

Dance and Havana Music School

Although our center in Calle 28, between 17 and 19 in the neighborhood of Vedado specializes in music education, we understand that dance is an indissoluble part of Cuban music.

Therefore, we not only offer Cuban music classes in a variety of instruments, but we also dance classes for those interested in combining music with dance.

The teachers of Havana Music School, professional popular-music dancers, will be in charge of teaching you the way of the Cuban in such complex rhythms as rumba, guaguancó and salsa, without forgetting the tasty and popular rueda de casino or ballroom dancing such as danzón, contradanza or chachachá. All this, in flexible schedules, adapted to your convenience so you can combine learning with tourism.

So now you know: if you want to learn to dance in Havana, we are waiting for you with open arms and Cuban music playing.


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