Drum Festival kicks off in Havana

Feb 15, 2016


In order to gladden ears and hearts, from 1st to 6th of March, will be held in Havana, the fifteenth edition of the “Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival” (Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam).

This festival returns to the capital of the Caribbean island to unite artists and once again, advocates of the traditional and popular Cuban music.

With rumba, guaguancó and a many International music stars

The expected Drum Festival, presided by Cuban percussionist, composer and musical director Giraldo Piloto, is sponsored by the Paradiso Agency, Artex.

This year will have as main venues: Salón Rosado de La Tropical, Mella Theater, Gardens of Mella Theater, Sala Avenida and Karl Marx Theater. Renowned musicians and percussionists from Cuba and abroad, folk groups, jazz groups and major dance companies and bands popular dance music of the country will be welcomed as in previous editions of the Drum Festival.

Among the guests we find well known groups as Puppy y los que son son, Alexander Abreu y Havana D ‘Primera, and Maykel Blanco y su salsa mayor. The group Klimax, created and directed by Giraldo Piloto, will provide greater attractive to this Drum Festival with its timba seasoned with touches of pop, rap, funk and jazz unmistakable hue.

The Festival will also have as guests at the Rueda de Casino Santiago All Stars, Kono y los Chicos de Cuba, el Grupo de Música Folklórica Rumbatá and percussionists Adel Gonzalez Gomez, Oliver Valdés Rey and Rodney Barreto. Among the foreign guests of the Drum Festival, you can enjoy the presence and rhythms of the Venezuelan group “Guaco”, the prolific percussionist and British singer Peter Lockett, Chilean drummer Rodrigo Iter and Canadian musician Aldo Mazza, founder and artistic director of Kosa Music.

Rescuing traditions

As part of the Drum Festival also Master Classes Percussion and Dance will be held, and two international competitions, one of percussion and the other one of casino and rumba will be convened.

The Percussion Competition has the goal of rescuing this tradition characterized by the rhythms and sounds of African origin that gave Cuban music his authentic own taste. It is open to all who wish to participate, without age limits. A select jury of great masters of Cuban percussion will have the mission to reward the best performers. Meanwhile, the Casino and Rumba Contest aims to rescue and promote these two Cuban dances.

It is open to all persons over 15 years. For the winners of these contests will be awarded as prizes musical instruments known companies, among which are EVANS, SONOC, SABIAN, REGAL TIP, GON BOPS, etc.

We can almost hear the leathers

The Paradiso Agency, the hotel chain Sol Melia and other sponsors of the event also awarded important recognitions accompanied by accommodation facilities, diplomas and other surprises. Faced with a cultural activity of such magnitude, it is clear that all dancers and lovers of good music are awaiting the arrival of the next month to enjoy this true Drum Festival.

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