Elena Burke – The immortal voice

Mar 17, 2020


Cuba is a nation renowned worldwide for its culture, especially its music. Many Cuban musicians are considered geniuses and legends, so when it is said that Elena Burke is one of the best Cuban singers of all time, that is something that cannot be taken lightly.

Lady Feeling is one of the most recognized and beloved figures in the musical scene of the island. He had a brilliant career as a soloist, but also gave his majesty gala as part of the Mulatas de Fuego, Las Cancioneras, the Facundo Rivero’s quartet, Orlando de La Rosa’s quartet and the d ‘Aida.

Her first steps in music

Elena Burke was born on February 28th, 1928 and its name was Romana Elena Burguez Gonzalez. In the 1940s he began his artistic career, after dazzle the jury radio contest The Supreme Court of Art with his interpretation of “No vale la pena”, by the pianist Orlando de la Rosa.

After this success, the station Mil Diez hires her to occupy a space of 15 minutes called Ensoñación, in which she was accompanied by the Kiko Gonzalez Mantici´s orchestra. Along with its radio shows, she acted in several cabarets and shows, with pianist Damaso Perez Prado as his musical mate.

Elena Burke was the first female voice in Cuba that jutted into the harmonies of feeling, doing so with great elegance and demonstrating an incredible ability.


After her debut, Lady Feeling caught the attention of several major composers. The first group that has her services was the Mulatas de Fuego, directed by Litico Rodríguez. Shortly after, she toured Venezuela and Jamaica with the Facundo Rivero´s quartet.

In parallel, she worked with the Orlando de la Rosa´s quartet, where for the first time she worked with Omara Portuondo. This duo, years later, becomes a fundamental part of the d’Aida quartet, with which Elena would remain until 1958, when his solo career starts.

Solo career

Elena Burke became in the 60s in one of the most coveted jewelry for all cabarets, clubs, and lounges in Havana and Cuba as a whole. She shared the stage with many artists, likes Bobby Collazo, Frank Dominguez, Meme Solis, Ela O’Farrill, Rolando Aguilo and Rey Montesinos.

Lady Feeling also won stages in Spain, France and Mexico, where she participated in important festivals. As early as the 1970s, she was an artist recognized as far afield as Japan, where she made several tours. She remained active until the end of his life in June 9th, 2002.

The legacy of Elena Burke

This divine artist, noted for his interpretations a cappella overflowing passion and talent, earning him his nickname of Lady Feeling. She had a style marked by the lack of unnecessary frills and impeccable tuning. She was owner of a wide range of genres, in which she shone like a queen.

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