Polito Ibañez – Kind of echo

Mar 31, 2020


Polito Ibañez, Cuban singer-songwriter, is one of the most outstanding figures of what is known as the new trova. Born in Cienfuegos (1965), he traveled to Havana to channel those artistic interests that could not be fulfilling in his province. And although he always wanted to be a musician, in 1983 he decided to apply for an acting career at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), trying to get involved in this very complex world. And as such, it graduates.

But one day in 1985, the young Polito was captivated forever when he witnessed a concert by Silvio Rodríguez and Pablo Milanés on the stairway of the Havana University. And in those moments the New trova was recognized as an intelligent song and he understood that this was his rightful place. For his luck and thanks to his father, he already knew how to play the guitar and the tres, and even dared to compose his own songs, so his future was irremediably traced.

The honest and simple Polito

He joined the Nueva Trova Movement since 1985 and began to create his own space. Polito Ibáñez music is a passionate mix of rock, pop and trova, played with a pleasant pitch and intelligent, honest and simple lyrics.

Love, the ghosts that surround him, misunderstandings and fears are his favourite topics. Perhaps that is why he is always surrounded by a young audience as an accomplice of his saying.

But the real popularity reaches him thanks to a compound subject for a televising series that enjoyed great acceptance between the youngest ones. And it is that “Doble Juego” talked about controversial issues and even taboo themes at that time.

At present and with almost 33 years of career, the singer-songwriter is accompanied by six musicians, managing to establish a very special relationship with an audience that is already used to their musical downloads.

Discography, awards and international tours

Recuento CD (Unicorn label): 11 compositions among which Recuento, Evocaciones and Declaraciones stand out (1993).

Para no pensar CD (2000).

Axilas CD (Abdala Studios): 14 titles of its authorship (2003).

Sombras Amarillas CD: Rigorous and attractive selection of the work between 1997 and 2008.

He won the Cubadisco 2001 Award in the Rock Music category for the CD Para no pensar and has composed important pieces for film and television.

But, in addition, he has offered concerts in Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, France and Holland, sharing scenarios with important figures such as Pablo Milanés, Silvio Rodríguez and Joaquín Sabina.

How does Polito want to be remembered?

Polito has tried to frame himself as a complex communication artist or as a sort of “echo”. He has confessed that he has the ability to express those feelings that Cubans do not dare to say publicly and those, the most hidden ones, are the ones he reflects in his songs.

And he would like to be remembered as one of those who fought to elevate the spirituality of the human being and helped the cultural growth of his country. Although many consider it difficult, he is reluctant to write banal things just to please the general public: he would like to leave his indelible mark and that his songs will be heard for generations.


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