Raul Paz, known as the Cuban-French, learned to sing by listening to Guajira and Cuban country music. He had revolutionised Cuban music, reinterpreting rhythms of hip-hop, dub, inserting rock riffs and creating his own rhythm.

This musician from San Luis, from the early age of 10, wrote his own songs and is now internationally recognised, even as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

Who is Raul Paz?

Raul Paz

Raul Paz

He studied singing at the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) from 1986 to 1993. There he learned violin, theory and musical appreciation, music and counterpoint. After his classical training he discovered the music of Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley and listened to great Spanish divas like Rocío Jurado or Lola Flores.

In 1996, Raul Paz left Cuba first to South America and then to France, where he won a scholarship to attend a master’s degree in musicology and singing at the Paris Conservatory and then he perfected his studies at the Schola Cantorum in Paris. At that time the boom of Cuban salsa erupted in Cuba and Europe, so Raul Paz passed the exams presenting Cuban music, when everyone preferred world-known rhythms.

His discography

In the mid-90, Raul Paz makes his living playing in small clubs, where he was discovered by Ralph Mercado, founder of the RMM label. With them he recorded his first album: “Cuba Libre”, which sold more than 100,000 copies and won the award for “Best New male artist”.

While in Paris, he signs with the Patrick Zelnick´s Laverl Naïve. Form that relationship the disc “Mulata” is born in 2003, which label him as a punk singer, close to rap and was described like a conglomerate of seven styles: Trova, salsa , pop, electro, funk, Timba and fusion.

He shares the stage with artists such as Rosario Flores, Pasión Vega, Antonio Carmona, Lolita, Manu Chau, Ketama, Rubén Blades, Diego El Cigala, Tito Puentes, Marc Anthony, Oscar de León and Celia Cruz.

From that moment, the musical career of Raul Paz has not stopped. Over the years, his success has allowed him to record:

  • Vidas (Bis Music, 2018)
  • La otra esquina (Egrem, 2014)
  • Ven, ven (Egrem, 2013)
  • Havanization (Naïve, 2010)
  • Amigos por Paz (Bis, Music, 2009)
  • En vivo (Naïve, 2007)
  • En casa (Naïve, 2006)
  • Revolución (Naïve, 2005)
  • Mulata (Naïve, 2003)
  • Blanco y negro (RMM, 2000)
  • Contigo (Kontor Records, 2000)
  • Cuba libre (Rube Bleu, 1999)

Awards and concerts

Raul Paz‘s music travels through many Cuban, European, Asian, Latin American and United States scenarios. In general, it makes a great number of concerts a year, to mention just a few, has been presented in the Olympia and the Great Rex of Paris, in the Great Casino of Geneva, the Arezzo Festival of Italy, the Pigal´s of London, the Plaza Mayor of Madrid and in Havana the Mella and Karl Marx theathers.

His success also receives awards, such as the ACE Award of the American Press of male revelation in 1999. In the 2011 Lucas Awards, he received the best Video Awards of the year and best pop music video for Carnival and in 2013 he was awarded the French National Order of Merit.

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