Reynier Mariño – A Cuban flamenco

Sep 28, 2020


Reynier Mariño is a guitarist and composer, and according to his own words, the genre came to him by chance: “[…] I had the joy of receiving a cassette with the music of Paco de Lucía and the theme Entre dos Aguas, […] and me I fell in love with it […] “.

The beginnings

Reynier Mariño was born in Havana September 20, 1979, and from the age of 11 studied guitar at the “Manuel Saumell” School of Music, the “Amadeo Roldán” Conservatory and the “Felix Varela” Professional Development Center.

He graduated in guitar and music from the Instituto Superior de Arte, and graduated from the Royal Academy of Music of Madrid.

I come from a family of musicians. My grandparents and my parents do flamenco, and my sister is the singer of the group. It is not strange that I do it, although I am the one that has more made more Cuban the flamenco, “said Reynier in one of his interviews.

He began his professional career in the National Ballet of Cuba, but his creativity was demonstrated by the dance companies Ballet Español de La Habana and Litz Alfonso, for which he has composed unique themes.

A different flamenco

He is considered one of the best exponents of flamenco music in Cuba and among the 10 most outstanding guitarists in the country. He has counted on masterful advises like that of Leo Brouwer and Manolo San Lucas.

This unique artist fuses flamenco with son, jazz and classical music, getting new and beautiful sonorities. This distinguishes it and makes it unique within the genre.

A long professional career

Then came the National Concert Music Prize for my work Leyenda de la Luna in 2000, the formation of my group, the first Alma Gitana album with EGREM (mix of flamenco, classical music and a little jazz) and my stay in Spain, “says Reynier. Also this was the time of travels by several nations of Europe and Africa.

With his work begins a new stage of culture and expansion of flamenco in Cuba. Incredibly, a record of this genre had never been recorded on the island until Reynier Mariño.

Thus appear in his repertoire pieces such as Búscame, Canta guajira, Irene, Arabia en La Habana and Cantares del Río.

But it is that this young men of almost 38 years who prays for a day of more than 24 hours, does not stop and also exercises as a guitar teacher of upper level at the Conservatory of Gran Canaria (classical and flamenco specialties), and has collaborated with important musicians like Braulio and other representatives of pop music and Canarian folk music.

Dancing at the top of the top

His success in Spain has been incredible and he created his own academy. He has also had experiences in more than 50 countries and shared scenarios with figures such as Fito Páez, Alejandro Sanz, Maná and Paco de León.

As always says “I have felt very Cuban and to my roots I return”. And it has done so, because Cuba needs flamenco.

With his fingernails retouched, his guitar and a little water in his hair, the chords of his music open, and his followers do not stop clapping, dancing and singing.


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