Music courses in Cuba

Oct 12, 2022


It is true that we Cubans carry in the rhythm in their blood and this historical fact has been demonstrated by the great amount of artists and musical rhythms that our nation has given.

But not everyone has the gift of transmitting or teaching correctly what he knows from the cradle. It is logical that if you visit us and want to receive some of the many music courses in Cuba, then go to the best teachers and the most recognized places.

The great variety of music courses in Cuba

The Cuban capital is the most important musical training center in the country. Among its most important schools are the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), the National School of Art (ENA) and the conservatories Alejandro García Caturla and Amadeo Roldan. These training centers provide music courses in Cuba of high quality, but although their programs are among the most recognized, they last an average of 6 months with rigid and pre-established schedules.

Another option more feasible for the visitors is to go to the great variety of classes and private teachers. The handicap of some of these is not in the quality of their teachers or the limitations of their teaching, but in space.

For many students a massive classroom does not give the best results and most are left with the desire to receive more personalized ones.

To overcome these limitations is Havana Music School, a place thought of the needs and requirements of the student, its rapid and efficient development and comfort. With us you can learn various music courses in Cuba, choose from all the instruments and receive the preferential treatment you crave. We have professionals of the culture and the teaching that will be delivered fully to make of you a better interpreter of the Cuban rhythms.

Havana Music School has made you think of you

Our center not only offers you a wide range of instruments and rhythms, but also your music courses in Cuba have been endorsed by the attendance of students from all over the world. The facilities of access to the Havana Music School, located in calle 28 #172 in the Vedado municipality, can be known in advance by contacting us online. Among other recommendations, Havana Music School guides you about the best activities of Cuban culture during your visit and also recommended about places of trust where you can stay according to your wishes.

We are a school that thinks about comfort, reason why the physical space and its soundproof classrooms make of our courses of music in Cuba the most recommended by the visitors. The flexibility of schedules is another of our advantages, so you will not be prevented from touring the capital or the country while learning from us music and tradition alike.

Come and find out about Havana Music School and know that we are waiting for your visit to share with you the richness of Cuban melodies.


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