Music lessons in Cuba? – “El Cerro” has the key

Jan 3, 2017


I am Cuban, but from a very special place. Born and raised in El Cerro, from the cradle I was surrounded by the music of the rumba cajón, the songs of the nueva trova that my mother heard, the punto guajiro sang by grandmother, the son and the salsa that was danced at the parties in my neighborhood …

The music classes in Cuba, and more in the Cerro, start from dawn and do not stop until the next day. Even the roosters here have their part in the musicality of the Cuban, serving as natural alarm clocks. A cup of coffee and the street: there you will find all musical genres and none in specific, because the Cuban enjoys his music and likes to share it with his neighbor.

And if the famous parade of Alacrán leaves to celebrate some victory in baseball, then if you will know what it is to share with others and form a party of people that spontaneously stops the traffic in the streets.

Music classes in Cuba are everywhere

From an elderly gentleman singing a bolero at a bus stop (just for the simple pleasure of singing) to the reggaeton in a cell phone without hearing aids but at full volume, the music classes in Cuba cover all genres, all Times and all social extractions. You can learn a lot of music at night too.

We are accustomed to that throughout the week those Cuban bands that win Grammys and astonish to the world touch around the corner. Night centers abound where here is not a question of money: Cuban musicians know that their people are a severe public and what does not win here will not triumph anywhere. The best prize? Explosive applause or fiery dancing.

The best teachers in the world, because they are your friends

That yes: for music teachers ours. Simple and jovial women and men, who pat you on the back when you do well or give you a friendly kick when you do not understand something, like trying to get the rhythm in your head. But when you take the instrument into your hands, you realize you have a talent that has no limits and that has brought Cuba to the highest levels of recognition in the musical sphere.

I took my first music lesson in Cuba with teachers who are now members of bands that have gone around the world. Like me, many others have had the same fate. Because to teach music in Cuba you have to be a teacher of truth, in pedagogy and in virtuosity.

Take your music lessons in Cuba with us

Havana Music School has set out to create the time and place so that you can also have the experience of having the highest level of teachers. All the rhythms and all the instruments meet at our school, also located in the Cerro neighborhood.

So you can have, like me, the pride of saying that you have taken music lessons in Cuba. And that your knowledge and your art are born and raised in the most hospitable, virtuous and rhythmic of the neighborhoods. The Cerro has the key not only of the aqueduct, but also of the music in Havana Music School.


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