The Nueva Trova is a musical-aesthetic phenomenon born in the second half of the 60s in Cuba.

Enriched with songs of the Traditional Trova, the feeling and with elements of Brazilian music, African American, American country and rock, is distinguishes by his poetic texts.

The intimate relationship between the artist, his guitar and his audience is another feature of this movement, which Yoyi Barrett is a faithful representative.

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Yoyi Barret

Yoyi Barret

Jorge (Yoyi) Bayeux Barrett was born on August 5th, 1992, and is proud to walk through the wide streets of the city Guantánamo, Cuba’s easternmost province.

To his city, Yoyi owes his guitar lessons in 2008, and about his stories he speak through his songs. He graduated from technical school of electrical and electronics, and then joined to music through the Benito Odio´ Casa de la Trova.

“Borders are realities that decide to change or enter you in ways of different lives. I from my province have not been able to enjoy much of the pleasures of the capital visualization, but that “geographic fatalism” makes us introduce ourselves in a wider search of the musical aspects that influence us. With this I tell you that: the disposition to potentiate you in a region depends on you.”

The most important thing for a troubadour: the people who attends the concerts

Yoyi has a very particular sonority, his guitar sings and the poetics of his texts distinguish him before an audience that enjoys it and sees him play with his voice: sometimes soft velvety and sometimes violent with a fast pace.

Of them depends every presentation that he performs.

“That’s clear to me, when I’m on the stage, I feel the audience I’m facing: depending on how it is, I sing. The topics? Love in all its expressions, daily life … Also always, in my repertoire I have a wide tuning fork of troubadours that give me the possibility to do my more didactic presentations, because I return to the roots of the trova with authors like Ñico Saquito, Miguel Matamoros and that great defender of the traditional Cuban music that is Eliades Ochoa. “

Despite being so young, Jorge Barrett Bayeux has shared the stage with figures of Cuban trova as Frank Delgado, Erik Sanchez, Fidel Castro Diaz, Polito Ibáñez, Fernando Becquer, among others. He has participated in the most important musical events promoted by AHS throughout the country.

Always the Trova

Although he is recognized in the troubadour world as an excellent exponent of this musical genre, Yoyi Barrett has not yet recorded album. He walks like a true juggler in the 21st century, giving away his music to every person who stops to listen.

“Achieving the hiring of a musical company would be a milestone for me; as well as leave in audio my songs, to spread them beyond the common scenes of the trova. Projects? I think I’m going with the flow; I have so many that want to consolidate, if I told you this interview will be the story that would never end. But I have faith and I believe that with a little resistance I will be able to reach it. “

Listening to the music of Yoyi Barret will always be a pleasure that all lovers of Cuban music and especially troubadours must be given. He bet on this musical genre, otherwise he would betray who is according to his words:

Trova is like literature. It gave me the possibility of being able to say from the musical point of view something that had already been written in advance, and had to be heard in a musical context. Another genre would have made me betray who I am.

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