Bass courses in Havana – Enjoy and learn!

Apr 12, 2020


The bass and the double bass are two instruments that were quickly assimilated by Cuban music. From the beginning of the magnificent mixture that would result in Cubanism, just with the appearance of the first danzón “The heights of Simpson” by Miguel Faílde’s orchestra, the double bass was present to mark the melodic line of what would become the Cuban national dance .

Many others followed this genre, so entering our Bass courses in Havana is the equivalent of starting a journey of discovering Cuban music and culture. There will be plenty of traditional rhythms such as son, bolero, guajira and trova, to reach other bolder ones such as timba and latin jazz, of which Cuban bassists are experts.

The advantage of our Bass courses in Havana

Unlike the rigid instruction of musical conservatories, of which Cuba prides itself on its excellence and quality, our system allows you to design your course adapting it completely to your needs. Whether you are a dedicated instrumentalist or a beginner, Havana Music School offers you the opportunity to get in touch with internationally renowned teachers and expert musicians in the execution of this instrument at the time and during the time you need to complete your training.

Depending on your level, the time you have to learn and the objectives you want to achieve we will prepare a curriculum specially designed to meet your needs. The advantage of this customisation is that, during your private classes, the teacher will be 100% focused on you, because you will be his only student.

This not only gives you an advantage when it comes to improving your technique and learning to play the rhythm you want, but also fosters a closer student-teacher relationship, which is always the beginning of a prosperous friendship.

Havana Music School is much more

From our headquarters in Calle 28# 172, in the neighbourhood of Vedado, our Bass courses in Havana put you in touch with all the cultural pulse of the city. In addition to promoting the exchange with your teachers in soundproofed classrooms and equipped to promote learning, you will have the opportunity to interact with other students like you, as well as Cuban musicians of international stature.

We are also facilitators of your tourist experience, as we will inform you of all the cultural events that will take place during your stay in Cuba. No matter what genre you prefer: we are always aware of everything that is worth and shines in Havana in terms of music, so you will not only learn the bass in a classroom, but you will see the best Cuban bass players on stage.

Remember that it is our first interest that your musical learning is of the highest quality, but also that your stay in Cuba is pleasant. From recommending accommodations of our confidence to where to go, you can always count on us.

Let there be no doubt: our courses in Havana will guarantee you a unique experience, because you adapt it to just what you have in mind. So do not hesitate to contact us to request more information and, if you decide for excellence, start preparing together a magical journey full of rhythm, camaraderie and knowledge.


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