Brenda Navarrete wants to conquer the world

May 6, 2020


If you ask to the young interpreter Brenda Navarrete how she came to music, she will not hesitate to reply that it was “because of her sister Melvis Santa“.

Her, who had studied piano, made Brenda follow her in her improvisations. No matter where she bang, on her legs or on the house table, the purpose was to keep up the rhythm.

One day the girl was asked what she wanted to study and without hesitation she replied: “I want to be a percussionist”.

The beginnings of Brenda Navarrete

I always liked the drums, and although my sister insisted that I should play a lighter instrument, like the flute, she could not get me into reasons. I was sure of what I wanted”.

These are the memories of Brenda, who began studying at the Manuel Saumell Elementary Music School, then she start at the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory and on her second year she was selected to integrate, as a percussionist, the Jazz Band group directed by the maestro Joaquín Betancourt.

She entered as a percussionist, but the teacher himself convinced her to start singing. From there, she integrated the alignment of Obiní Batá (a female folk orchestra) and later she joined the Santa Habana project with her sister Melvis. Later, she joined the Interactivo group of Roberto Carcassés.

These experiences were very important in the career of Brenda Navarrete. Having to collaborate with so many musicians helped her to capture the style of each one, and she convinced herself that her dream would be to create her own group.

Welcome to her world

Brenda Navarrete is a jazz singer, percussionist, composer and dancer. She aims to defend and enhance Cuban music, with special emphasis on Afro-Cuban rhythms, traditional genres and popular dance music. These genres are mixed with contemporary sounds like World Music and Afro Latin Jazz, which has allowed her to find an original, fresh and attractive style.

But in addition the young “show woman”, as she is nicknamed, composes her own songs and makes the arrangements to other musicians.

In its band are enrolled talented instrumentalists and the format of the group changes according to the characteristics of each concert. She works on several projects at the same time, and the most recent has moved into electronic music (very in fashion and preferred by the youngest).

Artistic career

Her first album is entitled Mi Mundo, and all the songs are of her authorship. The guest list is impressive. Figures like Polito Ibáñez, Issac Delgado, Robertico Carcassés and Elaín Morales, complement the undeniable quality of this talented women. Her first track, A Ochún, feature this album.

She turned out to be the winner of the 2010 Drum Festival, in the batá category, for best female performance.

What does she look like?

Brenda Navarrete considered herself a positive person and that is why she sings to love, joy, children and Cuba. To everything that nourishes her spirit and that helps the human improvement.

She says that when she plays she feels the adrenaline and feels the strength to change the world.


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