Studying music in Cuba is knowing their artists

Oct 7, 2022


There are many musicians around the world who find it difficult to decide where and how to further their studies.

For several reasons, studying music in Cuba is one of the most attractive and least exploited at the moment in the international market destinations. And much of it has to do with modesty and kindness of the Cuban, which makes the exchange between artists easily.

This dialogue can greatly help those who wish to expand their musical career. While elsewhere the renowned musicians are inaccessible to music students and the general public, on the island these provide his guidance and experience to those who need it.

Open to all musical styles country

Another advantage of studying music in Cuba is always looking for constant renewal artists. Unfortunately it is common in the music world that an artist, once it reaches a certain recognition, it just keeo making the same music that catapulted him to fame.

Cuban musicians, thanks to the mixture of rhythms that lead in the veins (European side, and even Aboriginal African side) do not know this creative “stagnation”. Their motto is experimentation, mergers and cooperation between styles, which has resulted in recognized as the Latin jazz and Cuban reggaeton musical phenomena.

Music and Musicians for everyone

Studying music in Cuba, warm and rhythmic ground, is a unique experience. Although the island is the birthplace of great musicians, one sees that they do not go on the street and talk to their neighbors.

Walking through the city can provide pleasant surprises. Descemer Bueno or any of the guys from Pupy y los que Son Son may be talking animatedly on a corner in Old Havana neighborhood. Often, young singers like Adrián Berazaín and Ray Fernández perform in the cultural centers of Vedado. The amazing thing is that, in addition, either one is willing to talk to those who need your help and guidance.

In fact, one of the clearest examples of this is given at the end of the concerts. It happens that some young want to talk and show their music and, in cases like these, often have to wait just off the stage and certainly will listen. An opportunity like this is what makes studying music in Cuba is a unique experience.

Studying music in Cuba is collaborating and merging

The musicians are tireless in this Island: being tested all the time with new sounds and mixing his own roots. One day is pop music, another day cumbia, another reggae, but his scores are always full of innovative melodies. The country has a great sound richness and the usual fusion of sounds that takes place in it, invite experimentation and trying new melodies.

Last but not least important, all these benefits the quality and professionalism of teachers adds to them and teach music in Cuba. Learning and improvement of their students is top priority.


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