Alain Perez is currently for many people the best Cuban bassist.

Perhaps his name is not rapidly associate as one of the stars of Cuban music. But if we remark that Alain Pérez has worked with such renowned artists and bands like Issac Delgado, Celia Cruz, Irakere, Diego “el Cigala”, Enrique Morente and Paco de Lucia, will make us an idea of its importance and dimension.

Exceptional bassist, Alain Perez is also a drummer, pianist, singer, composer and arranger. No wonder he was known as the Orchestra Man” while studying at the National School of Arts in Havana.

An immaculate path

Alain Perez

Alain Perez

Alain Perez was born in Manaca-Iznaga, a town in the Valle de los Ingenios in Sancti Spiritus very close to Trinidad. He bowed quickly to music, which is not surprising, because his father was a composer Gradelio Perez.

At age 9 he moved to Cienfuegos to play in a children’s group called Cielito Lindo. His professional career began in large, thanks to the maestro Chucho Valdes, who recognized his talent and took him to work in Irakere. There he worked since 1994 as a singer and keyboard player, until he emigrated to Spain in 2001.

Neither his talent nor his love to Cuban music dwindled after his departure, but quite the opposite. Alain Pérez continued to work on his passion and gaining prestige. It was arranger of Issac Delgado and professionalism also led him to the point of becoming musical director for European tours for Cuban star Celia Cruz. He has also recorded with his teacher and mentor Chucho Valdes, for Blue Note label.

Working with Paco de Lucía

A milestone in the career of Alain Perez was his association with the genius of flamenco Paco de Lucia, who took him under his wing since 2004. He debuted as a bassist teacher in Cositas Buenas, accompanied by Alejandro Sanz, Diego “el Cigala”, Tomatito, Juan D’Angellyca and Jerry González, among others.

With Paco de Lucía he worked continuously for 10 years until Paco dies in February 2014, participating in 6 albums. For its quality and expertise, Spain now recognizes Alain Perez today as a benchmark in the Spanish folklore. Although during that time Alain was involved with Paco 100%, we had the opportunity to enjoy the presentation of these musicians in Cuba during the Festival of Leo Brouwer in 2013.

The latest from Alain Perez

At the end of last year, Alain Perez presented in Cuba his latest musical production entitled Hablando con Juana (Talking to Juana) from Bis Music label. This album, fourth in the race solo musician, was recorded in Madrid in collaboration with Cuban musicians from the likes of Ivan Gonzalez “Melón” or Juan Munguía (ex Irakere trumpeter). Flamenco guitar was lead by Josemi Carmona from Ketama.

Its twelve songs are full of Cuban music such as salsa, son and guaracha. But it feels in them influences from other styles like flamenco, pop, funk, jazz and even country. This mixture is not at all casual, but it responds to the desire from Alain Pérez that traditional Cuban music has a new spring and enriched with a new modern sound.

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