There is no doubt: nothing like the capital city to measure the pulse of Cuban music. But how can you study music in Havana?

Whatever is said, in Havana all that is of value and shines inside the world of the musical notes meets. That´s the way it was and that´s way it is now.

Study music in Havana

Study music in Havana

As in all the countries, the Capital City is the Capital City. The most important music labels are here: from the mythical EGREM, founded in 1964, to most recent record companies like Colibrí, Unicornio or BIS Music of Artex.

The most important stages also are in Havana: The Salón Rosado of the Tropical, the Houses of the Music of Miramar and CentroHabana, the Factory of Cuban Art, the Jazz Café, the Submarino Amarillo, La Zorra y el Cuervo and many more.

It is there where the interpreters and groups face a demanding and knowledgeable public: if you succeed in Havana, you are ready for the world.

These and many other characteristics make learning music in Havana to be a unique experience.

The best place of Cuba to learn music is Havana

Needless to say that in the Capital City of all the Cubans are the most prestigious learning centers of the country. The National School of Arts (ENA), the University of the Cuban Music in the Superior Institute of Art (ISA) and conservatories like the Amadeo Roldán or the Guillermo Tomás are here.

These prestigious centers open its doors for students that will take a course for six months at the very least, where in addition to music Cuban are taught other theoretic subjects, that complement and give firmness to the future professional musicians.

But if you do not desire or you cannot dedicate months to musical studies, rather you have a short time and wish to make good use of it in acquiring the taste and the sonority of the Island, the best way of learning music in Havana is in Havana Music School.

Havana Music School: Learning music in Havana at your pace

Our school values itself to offer Cuban music lessons personalized according to the requests of every student. Placed in Paradero 124, in the Cerro neighborhood, Havana Music School has prominent staff of musicians and professors with a large experience, from the most prestigious learning centers of the capital.

With a vast range of instruments and genres to choose, we offer not only a suitable space for learning, with air-conditioned and soundproof classrooms. Also we design your curriculum according to your level, requests and personal pleasures. Our schedules are opened, so you can decide the frequency and the number of hours that you wish to receive.

Your teacher will attend you in an individual way during the classes, so you can go forward by leaps and bounds and manage to learn music in Havana with exactly the necessary elements, without superfluous information. More even, will be able to enjoy next to other students and Cubans musicians playing in ensemble and that way demonstrating what you has learned during time with us.

With Havana Music School you can make good use of your staying, learning music in Havana without refusing to see the sights and, as they Cubans say, “Killing two birds with one stone”.

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Havana, Cuba