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Apr 16, 2020


David Blanco Ponsoda is undoubtedly one of the Cuban musicians that have changed the musical panorama of the island in recent years. His mixes of popular and classical rhythms in the creation of a new artistic movement made him famous throughout the island quickly.

The scenarios vibrate when David Blanco shows up with his drums and keyboards. The unforgettable mix of rhythms of their songs makes their presentations a moment that the spectators will not forget and will want to repeat. In the pop-rock category, David Blanco stands out more every day in Cuban music.

How to make an Idol?

David Blanco was born on February 10th 1980 in Havana, Cuba. He studied at the Amadeo Roldán conservatory, where he graduated as a trumpet player. As part of his studies he was formed in singing, composition, harmony and orchestration, all skills that have allowed him to take his group the way he does.

The first steps in music

David Blanco began his artistic career in various popular bands such as the group Moncada, the group of Gerardo Alfonso, Osiris, A19 and the Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Later, he launched his solo career with the albums Tengo a dar in 2003, El Despechao in 2005, that won in numerous categories of Cubadisco. Then it came La evolución in 2008, the best rock album of his year, quickly placed him in the center of the map and popularity in the island.

Mueve la pachanga, Habanero soy, Despechao, Miénteme, Una y otra vez and Fiesta are singles that make it preferred by the people for its sticky and different rhythm. The scenic projection of David Blanco and his group attracted attention since its inception and made them worthy of public appreciation.

David Blanco on international stages

David Blancos concerts have led him to perform in the best international stages. Spain, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Guatemala and South Africa are from the countries in which he has shared the stage with figures such as Sergio Dalma, Juan Formell, Eliades Ochoa, Omara Portuondo, Pancho Amat, Compay Segundo, Haydeé Milanés and Pablo Santamaría, among other great ones.

The theaters Mella, Karl Marx and the National Theater, as well as the Heredia Theater and the Cárdenas Cinema-theater, are the main national stages in which David Blanco has performed in the company of his group.

But to anyone that still had a shadow of a doubt about the musical greatness of this young man, is enough to remember his performance as a feature musician of the The Dead Daysis Project. During the concert held in 2015 at the Jardines de la Tropical de la Habana, David shock us with his masterful interpretation of the harmonic, playing side by side with the greatest rock stars.

David Blanco for a while

The seventh musical production of the famous composer, Vida Libre, is one of the albums with the greatest artistic maturity in the career of the young singer-songwriter.

Under the Bis Music label of ARTEX, this production shows the change experienced by the performer in his more than 20 years of professional career. Lánzate, Tu recuerdo and Locos por la música are part of the repertoire of this album, that presents the rhythms of salsa, rumba, son and cha-cha-chá. Pop, rock and emblematic Cuban genres mix in David Blanco in a wonderful way.

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