Studying music in Havana or feeling the music?

Oct 16, 2020


If you have already decided studying music in Havana, prepare yourself psychologically for something more.

Although you don’t plan it, it is impossible in the capital of all Cubans to go without living the music that floods each of its neighborhoods.

Day and night, seven days a week, it is impossible to hit the streets of Havana without finding its music. From a trio that entertains a delicious lunch in Old Havana to a “toque de santos” in the most humble “solar”, through the great bands overflowing talent at concerts, citywide music has a prominent role in everyday life of Cuba.

Studying music in Havana is also living it

Son, trova, timba, bolero, guaguancó, rumba, salsa, pop, rock, jazz and reggaeton live in the ears and hearts of city dwellers. Any family meeting or friends gathering involves dancing, singing and jamming and you wil be able to share and play music with a guitar, a “cajón”, palms with Cuban “clave” and the musical talent that characterizes us.

If you are someone who prefers to listen to professional musicians, you will find lot of choices. So, you can choose from the Palacio de la Salsa, La Casa de la Música, the Cuban Art Factory (FAC) and numerous clubs and cabarets like Sauce, El Gato Tuerto, the Jazz Café, the Submarino Amarillo, Pico Blanco and many others where music fill every pore.

And, what is the difference between someone who just enjoys Cuban music and someone who is studying music in Havana? Obviously those who have already received Cuban music lessons are able to recognize and enjoy not only the rhythms, but also are able to identify the musical resources used by Cuban instrumentalists. And also appreciate and incorporate new ones, which you will be able to consult with your teacher.

Havana Music School gives you the best chance to live music in Havana

If you decide to study music in Havana with us, you will not only have music teachers with the longest experience in teaching, but also a series of cultural options that we can suggest you to combine learning and practical experiences on the gender you want to study.

From our facilities located in calle 28 #172, between 17 and 19, in the neighborhood of Vedado, you will have easy access and communication with the main places to listen to Cuban music. Many of our teachers are also renowned musicians, so you will be able to see them live at any stage in Havana.

With a study plan designed by yourself (to adapt it to your needs), our teachers, who are directly responsible for your learning (without the distractions of a full classroom), and our facilities, offering an intimate space to facilitate teaching, our school is one of your best options to study music in Havana.


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