Sweet Lizzy Project – Indie music in Cuba

Apr 6, 2020


Lisset Díaz is the lead singer of Sweet Lizzy Project and one of its leaders. In 2013, the singer was nominated in several categories to Cubadisco thanks to the phonogram The beginning which inspired the young composer to start a group that would become one of the most acclaimed novel groups nationwide.

The group is made up of the singer Lisset Díaz, the guitarist Miguel Comas (also co-director of the group), the cellist Yanet Moreira, the bassist Alejandro González, the guitarists Leonardo Delgado and Wilfredo Gatell and the drummer Ángel Luis Millet. These young people make up the staff of Sweet Lizzy Project and are considered as the newest musicians of indie pop-rock music on the island.

Success at the international level

The prizes achieved in the national stages and the success achieved, as well as the public’s love have brought this group to the attention center of the well-known American band The Mavericks. This famous band met Sweet Lizzy Project in the filming of the program Havana Time Machine, broadcast by PBS.

In this filming, the group shared the stage with Cuban music greats such as Eliades Ochoa, Ivette Cepeda and Roberto Fonseca, and also had the opportunity to interact with the North American band that fell in love with their music and offered a contract at their label, under the record label Mono Mundo Recordings.

This contract includes two albums, their releases and the tours associated with them, without a doubt a unique opportunity for the young Cuban band. The production of the new album is under the tutelage of nothing more than the renowned Niko Bolas who has worked with stars as tall as Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel, Kiss, Toto, Matt Davis and Keith Richard, among others.

Sweet Lizzy Project has just finished a summer tour of North America, in which they presented some of the songs from their first album Heaven, as well as the well-known English version of the song Súbeme la radio, by Cuban composer Descemer Bueno and singer Enrique Iglesias.

From this song has been produced a video clip of a careful and surprising manufacture for a band belonging to this musical genre, which has been broadcast repeatedly on the Canal Clave of Cuban television and has made known the band throughout Cuba .

It is not to repeat a recognised success and take advantage of its wake. It is to give a turn to a good song and make it into a true cult piece with its own personality, completely changing its conception and focus.

In the national scenario

The group has regular presentations on the Havana stages, where it shares with the public at the Submarino Amarillo, the Fábrica de Arte, the Cuerda Viva Festivals, as well as the BandEra project. The record label Egrem will release a disc of the group in which are collaborations with David Blanco, Israel Rojas (singer of the Buena Fe duo) and Frank Delgado.

The sky is not the limit when it comes to the Sweet Lizzy Project group, which has shown that talent can go anywhere.


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