Percussion Workshops in Cuba

Feb 23, 2020


Percussion workshops in Cuba have always been something interesting for any music students in any country.

Within the varied rhythms that make Cuban music unique, percussion occupies a very important place in our musical history. Cuba has always stood out for its impressive musicians who have won the applause in the most prestigious international stages.

Instruments such as drums, timbales, tumbadoras (congas), maracas, bongoes, guiros, guitars and shekeres are primordial when achieving the sounds characteristic of Cuban percussion that have influenced Latin American music so much and world.

The Cuban School of Percussion owes its foundation to Domingo Faustino Aragú, known as the Father of the Teaching of Percussion in Cuba. His work at the prestigious Amadeo Roldán Conservatory, the National School of Art (ENA), the Alejandro García Caturla Conservatory and the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) allowed the incorporation of Cuban and international percussion in the study programs and their academics.
As the birthplace of one of the most renowned percussion schools, Cuba has the opportunity to be the perpetual host of the renowned Drum Festival, an event that brings together the best of international percussion and discover new talents.

Havana Music School: a place of learning

Cuba has famous percussionists such as Mongo Santamaria, Giraldo Piloto, José Luis Quintana “Changuito, Ruy López Nussa, Tata Güines, Chano Pozo, Candido Camero and Enrique Plá, just to name a few. As outstanding teachers as these have formed a school in the island so strong that many foreign musicians prefer to study percussion in Cuba, where they believe that the sound is more faithful to its roots.

In Havana Music School approaching Cuban music, from any of its perspectives, it is not an impossible. With programs designed for students of all levels and specialties, this school offers a unique experience with the most outstanding in the music of the island. The workshops are open to students, teachers and professional musicians who want not only to learn about percussion in Cuba, but also about how this music mixes with the history of the island, which gives it the shape and taste so recognized worldwide.

The courses provided by Havana Music School allow students to fully understand Cuban rhythms and their different patterns of improvisation. The percussion courses have their center in the batá drums, drums and percussion produced by the national schools so the experience allows not only to learn the basic precepts of the instruments but also to enter fully into the Cuban culture.

The school has great Cuban music as teachers, gives its students the possibility to fully manage the program of studies (instruments, schedules and teachers) and offers a daily update of the most outstanding events of Cuban music that lead to out on the island.

If you are interested in learning how to play an instrument, under the tutelage of the most prestigious musicians in Cuba, do not hesitate to visit the page of Havana Music School and become one of its students. It is an unparalleled experience.


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