Havana is a city that has motivated a lot of musical compositions. The capital of Cuba has been the center of countless songs throughout the history of the island. From “La Habana sí” from Juan Formell to “Habáname” from Carlos Varela, the magic of this city is described with a deep sense of belonging and praise.

Study music in Havana

Study Music in Havana

Great stars of Cuban music were born here. Study music in Havana is almost a daily activity, because their streets are moved to a tropical, own and mixed rhythm that characterises it. Each inhabitant start his day with his own preference in Cuban music. When clicking the play button, the city changes colors with the three Guitar of Pacho Amat, with Frank Fernandez’s piano or the voice of Luna Manzanares.

Music schools have trained hundreds of prestigious performers. Study music in Havana is easily carried out thanks to music centers like the Elementary Art School Manuel Saumell, the Faculty of Music of the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) or the Municipal School of Music “Alejandro García Caturla”.

Graduates now living on the island have a recognized work and are revered by their fans. Those who emigrated but still create Cuban music continue to have a public able to follow them anywhere.

Studying music in Havana is simply going for a walk

Havana’s nightlife is dynamic and has its own cadence. In Old Havana the number of bars or nightclubs and restaurants that play traditional Cuban music increase every month. For those interested in studying music in Havana this is an important experience. This music is played for an audience that knows the songs by great icons of Cuban music history. Examples of these places are “Café Paris” at the corner of San Ignacio and Obispo or the “Monserrate Bar”, at the corner of Bermaza and Obrapia. The performers of these places have prestige in the population and are generally young graduates of music schools.

The streets of Vedado have also various night clubs where you can hear jazz, pop, rock, electronic music or salsa. Studying music in Havana is the experience of listening to a band of latin jazz in La Zorra y el Cuervo or “Jazz Cafe“, both located in Vedado neighbourhood. Or Adriano DJ in “Tokyo Club”, while enjoying a beer or a delicious mojito. Alternative music in Havana is followed and recognised by many young people who gather in the Vedado neighbourhood to appreciate live traditional Cuban music in Havana.

The Malecón is also a space for musical encounters. Anyone, from young people to older adults, can talk with you about the importance of Matamoros, Benny Moré or Bola de Nieve.

The boardwalk is a casual place that does not depend on a schedule or a label and at the crossroads of various musical trends. No matter if the player is from a friend or an occasional guitar trio, the music flows with the smell of the sea, the cars and passersby.

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