Gretel Barreiro Fariñas was born at Havana, October 18, 1985. She is a teacher, chamber musician, solo pianist-instrumentalist and accompanist pianist.

Perhaps, for those who do not know her, I could even surprise with everything that she is. But if it is mentioned that she comes from the Duchesne-Fariñas family, recognized musicians and composers, nothing should become a surprise. With only four years old she already received ballet classes, with seven she started at the Manuel Saumell Conservatory and with twenty-nine she graduated in the piano specialty from the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory.

As an educated singer-songwriter, Gretel is able to make arrangements for her own songs and, although the classics are passionate her, she has preferred to take the direction of popular music.

Blog of an incipient career

Gretel Barreiro

Gretel Barreiro

The first artistic experiences she shares with the troubadour Eric Méndez as a chorister of his group, but between 2005 and 2009 she became a pianist and vocalist of the Lego group. According to herself, Lego gave the opportunity to perform as a singer and songwriter with her song Mis motivos.

And she loved to belong to this band in which its members, despite their youth, just wanted to make good music. Because of this, it establishes a closer relationship with popular music and things, little by little, become “more serious”.

Unforgettable experiences

The Jade Café is a very special place for Gretel Barreiro because, during a whole year and often weekly, she showed how valuable her proposals were. Each live presentation was a challenge and contact with the public gave her a lot of experience.

It was a very difficult time, she alleges when asked about that phase, but as a reward for his effort she was increasingly acclaimed and even people chanted her songs. In addition, she had the opportunity to rub shoulders with excellent musicians and groups in different formats and styles, which allowed her to draw on new trends.

From that moment on, nothing stops her and she participates as a soloist on international tours in Japan, Mexico and the United States. But, in addition, it is common to share scenarios with famous musicians inside and outside the country: Polito Ibáñez, Silvio Rodríguez, Amaury Pérez, Luna Manzanares, Frank Fernandez, Pancho Amat, David Torrens, Raul Torres, Eduardo Sosa, Pablo Menéndez, Tesis de Menta, Osamu, and the López Nussa brothers.

Gretel works tirelessly

Gretel continues composing tirelessly until he achieves his first phonogram Soy that was nominated in the category of First and Contemporary Songs of the Cubadisco 2013. With 11 titles of his authorship, she masterfully walks through pop, rock, jazz, funk, Afro-Cuban rhythms and Brazilian music.

Songs like Llueve, Iguales, Juego, Así no más, Ocasiones, Tapices extraños and Éxodo de fe show that Gretel works with elegance, intelligence, simplicity and versatility.

But it also appears in concert halls, nightclubs and full theatres, as well as appearing on radio and television programs.

The current Gretel

Gretel Barreiro lives in the United States and, in addition to her music that does not quit, ventures into teaching and acting. Serves children between 3 and 12 years of age at the Franco-American School in Miami and, as she herself claims, learns by teaching.

But she has also ventured into the theatre with the monologue Tonada en cuarto menguante where she sings and acts. And although she considers it daring, she believes that evolving is part of the creative process and tries to do it every day.

It is not the first time that Gretel moves away from Cuba, but she knows her way home and were is her place.

Phone: +53 7 831 4745
Calle 28 #172 entre 17 y 19. Vedado
Havana, Cuba